Facebook Pixel Step By Step Guide to Remove Make-Up Effectively

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Step By Step Guide to Remove Make-Up Effectively

Step By Step Guide to Remove Make-Up Effectively

There’s no denying that removing make-up is a task and, is often ignored due to laziness or lack of time. Removing make-up thoroughly every day before sleeping is a basic yet important beauty ritual that should not be skipped. Whether you wear subtle make-up to work or carry a whole party make-up look, cleaning the make-up using Beauty Tools and products is an effective way to keep your skin fresh, healthy, and acne-free.

Due to lack of time, there have been countless moments when we chose to hop in bed without cleaning the face and wake up to smeared make-up. It’s never too late to start something afresh and if you have taken the pledge to put your skin care on the priority list, you can initiate with the right way to remove make-up.

The Right Order to Clean Every Bit of Make-up

Washing Face with Plain Water

To remove make-up effectively, the first step should always be, washing the face with normal water. Other than make-up, the face is constantly exposed to dirt, sweat, and pollutants that settle on the face. Splashing cold water on the face will help to remove excess oil and sweat from the face before you clean it with a cleanser.

Apply a Gentle Facewash

With make-up on the face, it is important to remove the make-up properly without leaving any bit. And it takes 2 to 3 steps of deep cleansing. To avoid any skin rashes or irritation, always begin with applying a mild cleanser on the face. Instead of scrubbing, dab your hands in a soft circular motion to gradually clean the make-up layer.

Deep Cleansing With Facial Cleanser Tool

The cleansing process doesn’t end with using mild cleanser rather it’s just the beginning and ending the process right plays a crucial role. Once you apply cleanser, further use VEGA Facial Cleanser to get rid of the dirt settled in the deep pores of the face. VEGA Cleanse Pro Facial Cleanser sweeps away scraps of the heavy make-up and clears up the dirt. This Facial Cleanser Machine comes with a soft silicone brush that helps to break down the stubborn base and dirt stuck in the deep pores gently.

Double Cleanse if Required

People mostly prefer applying water-proof make-up and eventually, it becomes tough to get rid of every scrap. Hence in this situation, instead of scrubbing the face roughly, go gentle with the cleansing and if needed repeat the process. Double cleansing does not only remove the last layer of make-up residual but also saves the skin from rashes and inflammation. After the removal of all skin impurities, the face becomes clean, fresh, and looks radiant.

Moisturize and Hydrate

Now that you are done with cleaning the whole make-up, use a soft towel on the face and pat it gently to dry the wet skin. Moisturize the face to retain the smoothness and PH balance. Using foam and face cleansing tools to remove the make-up can make the skin dry and patchy; hence apply a moisturizing cream to keep the sensitive areas of the face supple and hydrated.

Importance of Make-up Removal and Cleansing

  • Make-up removal is a vital part of the daily skincare regime and cleaning the make-up on daily basis helps to keep away all types of skin irritation and rashes.
  • Letting the skin breathe without any layer of make-up helps to combat skin-related issues like acne, pimples, and blemishes.
  • A clean and hydrated face remains free of bacteria, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Removes the layer of dead skin and makes the skin glowy, rejuvenated, and soft.

And your face is all clean, fresh, and ready to shine!