Facebook Pixel Straightening Your Hair Like a Pro: Top 3 Tips Revealed

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Straightening Your Hair Like a Pro: Top 3 Tips Revealed

Straightening Your Hair Like a Pro: Top 3 Tips Revealed

Straight hair have been enticing for ages as they are easy to style and always look pleasing whichever way you fold. However, the sad reality is not everyone has straight hair, and especially talking about Indian hair types, there are diverse varieties. While some of you ladies might have maggie curls, most of you struggle between having a curl-free or a wavy day and, very few are those who are blessed with lucky-go straight hair.

Understanding the gritty situation, VEGA comes with a wide line of hair straighteners because we praise your everyday hair-styling moods. No matter if you have kinky curls or frizzy hair, the hair straightener range from VEGA knows how to perform a quick-fix and straighten your hair in no time. The next mentioned are a few tips to help you straighten your hair like a pro in case you don’t know how to straighten hair at home.

  1. Get Started with Dry Hair

If you have been using any of your hair styling appliance on wet hair, it's time to rectify the blunder. Always start with dry hair! There are flashes when we are short on time and have to leave for a party, on such days either use a Vega Hair Dryer or simply choose to let the hair get air-dried but, remember that drying is important.


  1. Don't Forget to Use Serum

Using a serum before you start with straightening your hair is a must as it adds a protecting layer to the hair. The only reason why all the hair care experts keep on spilling the same bean is, it shields your hair from getting heat-damaged. Also, applying a serum to your hair comes with several perks, some of which are as follows:

  • Makes your hair as shiny as a blackbird's wing.
  • Helps you style your hair the way you like.
  • Keeps the frizz at bay.
  • Promotes voluminous hair.
  • Detangles your hair in a way never before.
  • Works as a doctor for your damaged strands.


  1. Monitor Your Temperature

High temperatures are your hair's enemy and, watching out for them is a crucial step that can make a huge difference. In case you are wondering how to straighten hair with less heat or even if it is possible or not, the answer is it is viable. Though higher heating levels put every hair type in danger, the most affected are the color-treated and already damaged ones. For such conditions, choose to stay safe in the heating range between 300 to 350 degrees.


  1. Stay Consistent Throughout the Process

Being consistent while you straighten your hair is essential to achieve a flawless hairdo. Always start from the roots and slowly move towards the ends. Most of you ladies wonder about how to make hair straight and end up doing the process wrong by bringing mid-shaft down. However, this isn’t the way to get your hair straightened. Consistency is definitely the key but, doing it without a technique won't help you. Thus, cracking the right method is important.


So now that you know what all it takes to get that silky-straight hair like a pro, using a straightener is no more a problem.