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Styling Your Way Through The Wedding Season With Vega

Styling Your Way Through The Wedding Season With Vega

The winters in our country don’t just mark the season for pulling the warmers out of the closet, but also blows the trumpet for the grand Indian weddings. The weddings in India are no petty affair, and one knows the drama and grandeur involved in the rituals if one has attended it. It’s not just the issue of the bride and the groom, but an actual task for their near and dear ones, the attenders of the grand celebration! You learn there is a wedding, you start prepping up with ordering your attire or the look following the theme of the wedding.

It’s a no-brainer that the wedding season comes with prices of salon professionals reaching sky high and you are left pondering what could be the possible way out for getting the best hair style and makeup at an affordable price range. Well, this is where we step in with good news! The combination of easy technology and faster results can be achieved right at the comfort of your home, without any extra expenditure on parlors or salon. You hear that right!

We have listed down few of the best products which are friendly on the pocket and brings you the desired result at the comfort of your home.

Goes without saying that hairstyling is one of the most important aspects of the wedding season, and it requires as much attention as makeup. Therefore, if you have planned to go for DIY, we have picked the best for you.

1. If you are a straight hair lover

Straight hair is the absolute love for almost every woman and the most go-to hairstyle that looks both neat and classy. The hassle is less and the result is awesome! However, not all the straighteners do the fine task of smoothening the hair down and get you the perfect straight hair for a big occasion. The reason being, most normal straighteners come with plastic coated plates or loosely built ceramic plates that don’t allow a firm grip for straightening. For an unwavering straight hair, choose Vega’s Infra Style Hair Straightener .

The amalgamation of Infrared and Ionic technology makes this straightener one of a kind. Deep and even heat penetration along with natural moisture retention is what makes this hair styler stand out, especially for occasions that demand fast and pitch-perfect straightening.

2. If you are looking for defined curls


Curling is the most demanding hair style of the wedding season. Volumed curls, loose curls, tightly done curls are all highlights of the season. The reason being, curls are a rare hair style found in our country and has a very appealing look on occasions like these as it suits amazing with traditional attire. For at-home perfect curls on such occasions, Vega presents Bubble hair curler, to achieve that dreamy bouncy curls and attractive tight curls. The design is in shape of a bubble which allows you to create bouncy curls when hair rolled around the circular bubble part and tight curls when hair rolled in between the round parts.

Quick heat up with ceramic coated barrel makes it a smooth experience for you to style your hair and get salon-like perfect curls right at home.

3. The last moment styler!

This is for all those procrastinators who just couldn’t decide their hair style until last moment. Vega introduces a perfect tool that incorporates every hit hair style for the wedding season. The 3-in-1 Hair Styler brings you the magic of straightening, curling as well as crimping. Yes! All three in one! Now this is what we call the perfect expert. Any last moment hair style, and this styler does exactly what you want. So if you are too busy to even think upon the hairdo you want on the big day of your friend or cousin’s, don’t hesitate! Our 3-in-1 has got you. Go for any hairdo you feel that fits your attire.

The design is convenient and easy to handle as well as portable. You don’t have to carry all the three stylers while going for a destination wedding, but just one friendly on-the-go styler in your handbag.

4. Don’t forget the brushes


Wedding season and make up brushes are an inseparable affair. Your favorite makeup brand needs proper application, for which you need best makeup brushes designed for your soft skin. Often times it’s not possible for some of us to pick different brushes for all the distinct application of makeup. This is why Vega brings you smart set of brushes for each of the application. The Vega Set Of 6 Brushes comes with incredibly soft touch and feel, with all the distinct application of foundation, eye shadow, liner, blush and lip. You can use the brushes according to your own convenience and ease.

5. Essential face accessories for perfection

What if just when you thought you are all set for the big function, you notice some black heads on your nose? Or, you see your nails are actually not in shape and excessive panic led you to pick some of your skin around the nail? Well, don’t panic! We got you! Make sure you carry the important last minute face and manicure accessories. Vega’s super affordable and light weight black head remover, tweezer, eyelash curler , cotton pads, and manicure kit are more like saviors for these occasions. To actually get a look on fleek, these essential little elements are your go-to best friends and help you in more ways than you can think.

With the array of weddings at every corner of the nation, you never know when you can receive a big invitation of your nearest ones. Such a situation urges you to think about your personalized look and getup. With Vega’s style-at-home range of products, we can totally guarantee that you won’t have to spend any extra on your styling and makeup this season. We got you covered!