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The Evolution of Male Grooming

The Evolution of Male Grooming

It’s no more hustle to figure out what men want. The reason is male grooming market is growing in cities and towns where dwelling men and young boys belong to Gen Z and Millennial categories. With the awareness and zeal in the air, more and more people are shedding their hesitation and accepting beauty, skin care, and personal grooming regime with open arms. Keeping similar grooming and lifestyle trends in mind, VEGA Men Grooming Category caters to all your personal grooming needs.

How Has Male Grooming Category Evolved?

We are living in the golden era with an enormous number of options and products for skin and face care. In recent years, the skin and personal grooming sector have seen a drastic change in the way people practice personal care. From simply cleansing the face to grooming the entire body, male grooming has come a long way. With the help of personal grooming appliances, you can groom your body and enhance personal hygiene, health, and self-confidence.

Growing Personal Grooming Trends

Body Grooming

Men’s body grooming and hair removal habits are changing and more men are taking the plunge to address their hygiene. Desire to look attractive; feel confident and well dressed, hair removal preference of men is increasing rapidly. Body Hair Grooming Sets are extensively designed to target hair in every different body area and ensure the removal of even the tiniest of hair. VEGA Men 11-in-1 Ultra Multi-Grooming Set helps to keep the body hair under control. This grooming set has a body/hair trimmer, nose trimmer, body groomer, and shaver for customized use and head-to-toe grooming.

Maintaining Beard Style

Trimming beard and experimenting with different beard styles is something that every man likes. But things don’t end once you achieve the desired style because maintaining the beard style is equally important to complement your face every day. To give a crisp and well-defined look to your beard, you can use beard trimmers once a week and make it look healthier and shinier. A Well-trimmed beard denotes masculinity, power, and maturity in men. VEGA X3 Beard Trimmer for men plays a vital role in male grooming by giving you the freedom to style your beard the way you want to.

Proper Nail Care

We all overlook taking care of nails. However, well-trimmed and defined nails look attractive and hold equal importance in personal grooming. Looking after nails does not require much time and men should equally pay attention to growing nails, especially cuticles. Choose the best time to trim your nails and you can even use Nail File to give them proper shape and smoothness on their edges.

Maintaining Personal Hygiene

Along with other forms of hygiene, intimate hygiene holds special importance for overall grooming. Grooming body parts regularly helps to achieve an overall clean look, avoid sweating, and keep the skin healthy, smooth and soft. You can build up a grooming routine as per your body requirement. You can start with taking a hot shower so that pores become wide open and you can trim your body hair from every corner including intimate areas using VEGA 9-in-1 Multi Grooming Set that are exclusively made for précised trimming and grooming experience.

What’s on your mind to cater to your personal grooming needs? Explore more with VEGA Men Grooming Category.