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Tips for Using Hair Clippers at Home Like a Pro

Tips for Using Hair Clippers at Home Like a Pro

Haircut acts as the primary method to keep yourself well-groomed. It is the easiest way and also doesn’t cost you much in your pocket, unlike the other hair grooming and hair styling methods. However, it isn’t always possible to take time out for a haircut or hair trim even from your nearest salon and the reasons for the same can be plenty. Maybe you have a flight to catch or you have a meeting in an hour and you see yourself in the mirror only to realize that you desperately need a hair trim.

Hence, it is always advisable to keep a hair clipper at home. It is handy and you need not step out of your house. Hair clippers for men work exceptionally well for those with short hair who require constant trimming. Regular trips to a salon when maintaining a shorter hairstyle can be easily avoided with the use of hair clippers. And if you are someone who is completely new in the world of hair clippers for grooming your hair, we can assist you to get started. Scroll down to learn how you can use a hair clipper at home and what steps should be followed to experience the best results.

1. Wash and dry your hair


This is the foremost step to follow before getting a haircut or hair trimming done. Whenever you visit a salon for a haircut, you must have been recommended to get the same done either from home or at the salon itself. This is essential to remove oil and dirt from your hair so that the cutting process is easy. Additionally, it also helps you to achieve perfect results. You should also dry your hair properly so that the hair clipper glides perfectly to give you the desired cut. While you can naturally dry your hair, you can also choose to choose Vega U-Style 1600 Hair Dryer for quick and effective hair drying when in a hurry.

2. Pick and secure the right comb attachment

Depending upon the length of your hair and your desired cut, pick an attachment. Vega X-Pro hair Clipper comes with four attachments allowing you the comfort to choose the same. You can choose the 3 mm attachment to cut 1⁄8 inch hair, 6 mm for 1⁄4 inch, 9 mm for 3⁄8 inch and 13 mm for 1⁄2 inch hair. Additionally, hair clipper for men is convenient and offers precise styling of hair in the comfort of your home. It features:

  • A powerful motor
  • Easy thumb adjustment lever
  • Stainless steel blades
  • An ergonomic design for easy hold and use
  • Power indicator light

Move the hair clipper against the hair-growing direction

Either the sides or the nape, move the hair clipper upside-down ensuring that the blade is against the scalp. Move the hair clipper carefully towards the top of the head in the opposite direction. Follow the same from the front to the back. If there is a line between the shorter length of hair and the longer length, use a blade and move the clipper against the hair growth direction. Carefully scoop the blade from the scalp to get a smooth result. Ensure that you compare the different lengths of the sideburns and slowly give a clean and finished look.

3. Use a scissor if required

If there are difficult areas behind your ear or sides, you can use a pair of scissors to remove the extra hair. Take the help of a friend to do any of these steps if this is your first time using a hair clipper. Additionally, an extra hand also offers the comfort to ensure that you have the results, especially when you are looking to style your hair and not only trim.

4. Clean the attachments and use oil


Once you are done using the hair clipper at home, ensure that you clean the attachments properly. You can use water to do so. You can also clean the blades with a clean cloth to remove hair (if any) stuck on the blades. Cleaning the attachments and hair clipper blades is necessary to maintain the health of the grooming appliance for men. Also, to improve its durability, you should use oil as and when needed on the blades. This helps reduce friction when you use the clipper and keeps you at bay from the trouble of hair pulling.

Final Takeaway

Using a hair clipper is easy and super convenient. It is the ideal way to get a quick trim at home without having to waste time, money and energy in visiting the salon. Hair clippers make for the perfect grooming item that should be added to every men’s grooming kit. Apart from hair clippers, beard trimmers too play a major role in the regular men’s grooming regime. You can click here to check out the complete men’s grooming products by Vega.