Top Tips to Get Rid of Rough Skin Using Pumice Stone

Top Tips to Get Rid of Rough Skin Using Pumice Stone

These days monsoon is in its full swing and on one hand it gives relief from the scorching summer heat and on the other, it creates havoc on the face and foot altogether. Hands up if you are also one of those people who completely forget about foot care because of being carried away in following a daily skincare regime. A constant change in the temperature and increase in moisture makes the skin go through a lot of changes that are not good.

Walking through muddy puddles and getting drenched in polluted rainy water makes the skin break near the heel area and also turns hard and flaky. Foot care is an inevitable aspect of health and body grooming and it’s high time to look after our feet. The key to smooth, healthy, and super pretty feet is not about taking professional treatment in a salon. It can easily be achieved by using a Pumice Stone for feet at home.

What is a Pumice Stone?

Pumice Stone is an amazing foot care tool that is easily available everywhere and keeps your feet smooth, and free from hard and dead skin cells. It is an excellent alternative to removing calluses, and corn and helps to cease the pain from rough and flaky skin. If used properly, a Pumice Stone can be used daily, and hence it’s important to know how to properly use it.

How to Use a Pumice Stone?

Gather all the Required Supplies 

To begin with, assemble all the necessary items that are needed to clean the foot and prep the skin. Start by picking the right pumice stone that you need to rub on the feet for getting rid of the dead layer of skin. Next, take a bucket or tub to soak your feet, moisturizer to apply for soothing the skin later and a brush to clean the pumice stone after use. 

Prep your Skin by Soaking the Legs

Pumice Stone has a hard texture that can lead to bleeding or skin infection if not used in the right way. Thus before you begin using the pumice stone, soak your legs in warm water to soften before rubbing the stone. This step will make the skin pores loose and the dead layer of skin will be removed without any fuss. Also, soak the stone in warm water to soften its texture and it will feel less rough while gliding on the feet. You can also add salt or any essential oil while soaking the feet to relax the muscles and feel relieved.

Start Rubbing the Pumice Stone on Dry Skin 

Take your feet out of the water and pat dry using a soft towel. After soaking the legs in warm water, the skin becomes loose and now you can start exfoliating with the stone. Gently rub the stone on the feet in a circular motion with gentle hands and keep doing it for the next two-three minutes. Once you start seeing dead skin falling from the feet, repeat the same process on another side of the feet. 

Moisturize the Skin after Exfoliation 

After exfoliation, check the skin if it feels soft or is still hard. If it feels dry and brittle then continue rubbing the stone for a few more minutes but don’t rub the same area for too long or else it can lead to bruises. When you are done using the pumice stone, clean your feet with plain water and then apply moisturizer or any foot cream to soothe the hard skin. Finish off by cleaning the stone with a soft brush to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dead skin on the stone’s surface. 

Pumice stone is an excellent foot care tool to exfoliate and remove dead and callused skin. It’s easy to use and can be reused for a long time giving smooth and supple feet at home itself.