Tricks To Use Round Hair Brush For Voluminous and Curly Hair

Tricks To Use Round Hair Brush For Voluminous and Curly Hair

Taking good care of hair is not just subjected to using Hair Care and Beauty Products but also the right Hair Brush for daily grooming and brushing. Using a Hair Brush daily might seem like a mundane task but it is an unsung hero of hair care and styling. The most basic and easiest hair care routine is centered on choosing the right hair brush for the right use. We all have seen the different range of hair brushes for different types of styling while visiting salons but use a single hair brush for personal use.

Different Hair Brushes cater to different hair needs. While some are crafted for thick hair, some are designed to detangle hair locks along with providing scalp massage. A Round Hair Brush is extensively made for creating a voluminous hairdo, adding curls, shine and curves. With the help of the right Round Hair Brush, you can blow dry your hair efficiently. This hair brush is ideal for daily use, detangling and smoothening hair. The ball-tipped bristles ensure gentle massage and instant root lift. We have picked the easiest steps so that you can use Round Hair Brush to obtain a salon-like hairstyle at home itself.

Steps to Use a Round Hair Brush

Wash Your Hair and Air-Dry First

Round Hair Brush is the perfect Hair Styling Tool for creating volume in the air while blow-drying, experimenting with subtle waves as well as tight curls. However, one major mistake we make is to use this Hair Brush on wet hair. Let your hair dry naturally first and then start with styling as it will not only save your time but also avoid excess heat. After washing hair, squeeze the excess water and let it air-dry before moving with styling.

Pick the Right Round Hair Brush

Depending on the hair length and texture, it is important to choose the Round Hair Brush that will give your hair magical curls and stunning volume. VEGA Round Hair Brush comes in different sizes and color variants working like a pro to make the hair look fuller, curly, and glossy. They are suitable for all hair types – be it curly, wavy, or straight. You can choose VEGA Round Brush for Men and Women from our bestseller range that is designed with nylon bristles, is flexible, and penetrates the hair easily. The ball tips massage the scalp gently and can be used by everyone.

Sectioning of Hair

The fastest way to style hair is by dividing the mane into various sections. Sectioning hair allows the person to handle the locks easily and style each part without any hassle. This trick works especially in the case when the hair is long and voluminous. Use a Tail Comb and Hair Sectioning Clips to divide your hair into smaller segments and then use the hair styler on each section at a time.

Apply Heat Protectant and Start Blow-Drying

Apply a heat protectant and start with blow-drying hair. Move ahead and use the Round Hair Brush at the base of the roots, roll it towards the end and start drying the hair with a Hair Dryer set at a medium heat temperature. Change the heat settings between the blow-drying process to ensure even heat distribution. Once done, switch to cold shot button to seal the hairstyle and settle up the cuticles.

And done! With the following steps, you are one step closer to styling your hair exactly like they do in salons.