Facebook Pixel User-Friendly Guide to Cleaning Hair Straightening Brush at Home

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User-Friendly Guide to Cleaning Hair Straightening Brush at Home

User-Friendly Guide to Cleaning Hair Straightening Brush at Home

One of the trendiest and newest hair straightening tools that are all over the internet these days is a hair straightening brush. Every time you get a salon treatment to straighten your hair, it gives a silky smooth finish but also digs a hole in the pocket. For the same reason and on-the-go hair styling process, women are switching to at-home hair straightening and this is where a hair straightening brush is added to the list of the best hair straightening tools

But tell us one thing, when was the last time you cleaned your hair straightening brush? If you haven't paid attention to your hair styling tools in a while then it’s never too late to try things. This blog is definitely for you through which you will get to know how to take care of hair straightening brushes so that they long last for years. Looking after the hair straightening brush is easy and all you have to do is simply follow the mentioned steps to cleanse and remove the residue.

How to Clean Hair Straightening Brush at Home

Remove the Plug and Let it Cool Down

Before you can even think of cleaning the hair straightening brush, make sure to switch off the main power and plug it off. Allow it to cool down for a few minutes before moving to clean it. Place the brush on a dry surface and ensure the brush is at room temperature and avoid touching it with wet hands. 

Start Cleaning up the Strands from the Bristles

While gliding the hair straightening brush on the surface of the hair, a lot of hair buildup and hair strands can get strangled in the bristle especially if your hair is knotted and tangled. Hence the first step towards cleaning these heated hair brushes is to clear up the residue layer stuck between the bristles of the hair brush. These residue substances include dead skin, dandruff, and a heap of hair products. To get rid of the gunk, you can use any pointed object with a tip. 

Wipe off the Brush with a Soft Cloth 

Once you are done removing every strand of the hair, use a soft fiber cloth to wipe off the appliance deeply. When the brush cools down, use a clean cloth piece slightly damped with water and then gently wipe the bristles for thorough cleaning. Be careful while cleaning the space in between the bristles as dirt and grime mostly get stuck there in the middle. 

Let the Straightening Brush Get Fully Dry

Using a damp cloth on the hair styling appliances can make them wet hence let them get air dry before you start using them. After using the wet cloth on the brush, you can use a dry cloth once again to dry it fully before you begin using it again. If you are in a hurry, you can even use a hair-drying machine to get rid of the moisture real quick. 

How Often Should You Clean a Hair Straightening Brush?

Speaking about how often you should clean your hair straightening brush; all depends on how often you use it to style your hair. You can develop your schedule or routine that works for you but the best way out is to clean them at least once in few weeks. If you are habitual of using hair styling products then the amount of buildup around the bristles could be more and you would have to clean it often. Whenever you find a visible buildup on the surface of the brush, it’s high time to clean it!

And that’s how you can clean the hair straightening brush with ease by following these quick steps to maintain their styling their efficiency.