Facebook Pixel User's Guide to Buying Best Hair Straighteners Online for Smooth-Silky Hair

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User's Guide to Buying Best Hair Straighteners Online for Smooth-Silky Hair

User's Guide to Buying Best Hair Straighteners Online for Smooth-Silky Hair

There’s nothing quite like the shiny and sleekness that comes after straightening the hair. Whether you are a lover of flaunting straight hair every single day or keeping it safe for special occasions, a sleek hairstyle is what everyone swears by. And to achieve sleek and straight hair, all you need is a quality hair straightener by your side. Hair straighteners are multi-purpose, they don’t only straighten your hair but can also be used to curl your mane, create beachy waves, and more!

Now before you rush to buy one hair straightener, always remember to pay attention to the features and functions so that it suits your hair well. The process of buying the best hair straightener demands a lot of research along with having a better understanding of your hair type. Hair straighteners are mainly known to eliminate frizz from the hair, add shine, and suit all hair types. Choosing the right hair straightener has a lot to do with the design, heat settings, hair texture, and heat plates. Go ahead and take a look at the guide to choose the right hair straightener for your hair type.

Things to Keep in Mind While Picking the Hair Straightener for Your Hair

Consider your Hair Type

Choosing the best Vega hair straightener according to the hair type makes all the difference. Wavy, coarse, curly or frizzy-whatever is your hair type, there’s a flat iron made for every hair type. If your hair is thin and fine, go for the hair straightener that has multiple temperature settings. This will allow you to choose a specific heat setting every time you straighten your hair. Similarly, if your hair is thick and coarse, you can accordingly choose the temperature and control the heat distribution accordingly. 

Pay Attention to the Heat Settings

We all know that the urge to get flossy and shiny hair in no time is real! However, in a hurry to get styled hair; people often increase the temperature settings to the maximum which can cause overheating and damage to the hair follicles. That’s why before buying a hair straightener; make sure to check the heat settings so that you can set it according to the hair type and styling needs. For a natural finish, you can choose low heat settings, whereas, for poker-straight hair, you can choose settings slightly higher. 

Remember the Plate Width

There’s no brainer that heat plates of a hair ironing machine also matter in deciding the total look of the hair. While buying any hair straightener, ensure having seen the width of the heat plates. Wider the plates, better the styling. A hair straightener with bigger plates glides smoothly and evenly on the thick and voluminous hair and does not require repetitive strokes. This as a result avoids overheating and makes the styling process quicker and smoother. 

Type of Heat Plates 

There is a variety of heat plates according to which the hair straightener category is segregated. As per the market standards, these days’ hair straighteners with titanium and ceramic plates are getting more popular as they ensure equal heat distribution along with managing frizz and adding flawless finish and shine. However, it is still recommended to consider your hair type before choosing heat plates. Titanium plates work better on coarse hair and ceramic plates can be used on normal and fine hair strands.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Straightening the Hair

  • To get perfectly straightened hair, prep your hair in the shower. Give your hair a good wash a day before styling and ensure applying conditioner for that extra dose of bounce and softness.
  • Ensure untangling the hair using the Vega hair brush to get rid of all the knots and frizz. 
  • Before beginning any type of styling, don’t forget to make sections in your hair for quick and precise styling.
  • Take one section at a time to style so that you can easily track your progress while straightening the locks and keeping the styled locks in place. 
  • After the hair is fully straightened, try to add finishing products like hair spray to lock in the style and for eliminating the frizz. 

Next time you are out shopping, and looking for the appropriate hair straightener, consider the following points to make the process of styling hair locks faster and smoother from home.