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Winter Hair Care Routine for Gorgeous Hair

Winter Hair Care Routine for Gorgeous Hair

As soon as we bid farewell to the festivals, the first chill of the winter season runs a shiver down the spine. Winter is all about soaking in the sun, eating all the seasonal dishes, and snuggling in the blanket. But something that unfolds with the change in the weather and the temperature is a lack of moisture that results in rough skin and hair. We all become extra cautious with the skincare routine during winter but often hair care regimen takes a backseat. The winter season is quite harsh on hair and if ignored can take a toll on your healthy hair. Therefore it is very important to address the hair routine because a sudden drop in the temperature often makes hair skin dry and strands brittle.

Few Tips for Winter Hair Care Routine

With Christmas cheer in the air, unpredicted cold weather, and all the vacation plans to snowy areas, hair suffers back and forth between changed climatic conditions. Therefore to enjoy the season of warm coffee mugs and bonfires, you need to put in some extra effort for maintaining a healthy and lustrous mane.

Shampoo your Hair Only When it is required

During the scorching heat of the summer season, hair turns greasy and oily. Hence hair washing routine becomes often as compared to another season. But this should not be the case during the winter season. The air is already dry and skin becomes rough likewise hair cuticles become rough too. Washing hair often is only going to make things worse. Try to balance between the number of times you wash hair and how quickly they become greasy.

Don’t leave home with Wet Hair

There are days when the sun refuses to show up during winter and we wake up to foggy mornings. It is the universal truth that your hair washing schedule might get ruined as the wet hair takes forever to dry. And this is the perfect time to pull out your hairdryer that was lost in one corner of your vanity and blow-dry your hair. Always apply heat protectant before using a hairdryer on your hair and prefer using a dryer with a diffuser and low heat setting. Nothing works out better than VEGA Insta Glam Hair Dryer that is made up of low heat and high heat settings both and helps to remove moisture from the hair quickly and gently drying the hair.

Oil your Mane Regularly

Hair Oil is like a blessing in disguise for rough and frizzy hair. And this old hack works well during the winter season. Try to make it a habit to oil your hair before every wash as it helps to regenerate the rough strands and replenish the natural ingredients. Try to massage your head and give your hair nice steam for a healthy scalp and smooth hair tips.

Use Wooden Combs

During winter, hair static occurs due to lack of moisture, and hair combs made up of wood work well to combat the static energy. VEGA Handcrafted wooden combs work well in this case as the natural fibers of the wooden comb work well in the deep conditioning of hair and the wide tooth of the comb avoid hair-pulling. Therefore even if you are combing slightly wet hair, this comb works is well suited.

Keep your hair healthy this winter with VEGA and flaunt your shiny and healthy hair even throughout the season!