Facebook Pixel 4- Steps Tutorial to Trim & Shape Beard Using a Beard Trimmer

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4- Steps Tutorial to Trim & Shape Beard Using a Beard Trimmer

4- Steps Tutorial to Trim & Shape Beard Using a Beard Trimmer

For every guy, beard care is a non-negotiable part of their daily grooming routine. Whether it’s a clean shave look or a full beard style, keeping the beard grooming routine on point is important for both hygiene and an attractive personality. A Beard look can be both things of beauty and also a bold statement of style. Any man who’s ever attempted to grow facial hair understands the importance of maintenance and grooming. 

No matter what your style is or how you like your beard, knowing how to use a beard trimmer plays an important role in even the most basic beard care routine. The bottom line is if you are fond of a healthy and luscious beard, you have to know how to trim it and style it at home. This will help you to decrease your dependency on salons and also save a lot of money that we often splurge on personal grooming appliances. This definitive guide will give you all the knowledge you need for trimming your beard like a pro. 

How to Trim Beard at Home?

Start with Clean and Fresh Beard 


A dirty beard with a lot of knots is not the ideal way to start trimming. When it comes to trimming, make sure to keep it clean and untangled. First, wash your beard with a good quality beard shampoo and then apply a conditioner of the same brand to ensure your beard remains smooth and soft. This will make the next step of trimming a lot easier.

Brush out the Knots 

Once you are done washing the beard, ensure drying it fully before you move to trim it. After your beard hair dries up, use a beard comb and run through the knots so that the hair becomes free from tangles. If your beard is thick and voluminous, combing the hair daily will make beard trimming easier and help to give your beard a uniform shape. 

Trim the Flyways

As a beginner, before you begin with the trimming process, take a moment to trim away the flyways that overgrow as uneven growth. Comb your hair down and use a scissor to efficiently cut the flyways and small knots. You can also use the beard trimmer to cut the tangles by using it without any guard size and avoid getting too close to the main beard hair. 

Begin with Real Trimming 


Once you have washed, dried, and trimmed the flyways, it’s time for trimming the remaining beard. Give your beard a uniform beard trimming in a sweeping motion against the growth of the facial hair. Once you are done with one round of trimming and you are still not satisfied then you can repeat the process using a smaller guard. 

Define the Neckline

Place one finger horizontally above the adam’s apple and draw a horizontal line here as a mark to form an ideal beard neckline. Trim both sides of the beard to the same length for making it look symmetrical. Remove the excess beard hair from the marking line to give your face a neat look. Along with it, you can also trim the moustache to the same length as the beard.

And that’s all! Once you have trimmed your beard and neckline and want to give the final touches to your beard, you can repeat the trimming process. You can use a pair of scissors to give the desired shape to your beard and flaunt the full beard look. After this step, you can wash your beard for the last time to get rid of all the knots, apply some beard oil and you are all set!