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5 Beautiful Hairstyles to Try Using a Hair Straightener

5 Beautiful Hairstyles to Try Using a Hair Straightener

Hair Straighteners can actually do so much more than what we perceive of them. Apart from making our hair straightened in no time at home, it can also impart some quick and quirky hairstyles. And guess what? Nobody would even know that you just used a simple Hair Straightener to style your hair like a diva. Once you learn the hairstyles that a Hair Straightener can impart, you will be convinced that it’s more of a multi-styler tool. Let’s check them out!

1. Straightening

Needless to say, straightening is one of the most classic hairstyles for women. A beautiful straightened hair goes with any occasion or events. Also, one of the simplest and fastest hairstyles that you can achieve on the go. All you have to do is brush your hair nice, divide sections, clamp each one of them in between plates and glide down slowly. You can use K-Shine Hair Straightener for best results. Take two front sections of hair, twist it and tie them back. What you get is a sophisticated beautiful looking straight hair.

2. Glamorous Curls

Ever thought of achieving perfect curls with a Hair Straightener? Yes, that is possible! Firstly, smoothen your hair by blow-drying with your favourite VEGA Style Pro 1600W Hair Dryer. Next, take a strand and clamp it tight at the top, twist the flat iron to 360 degrees and slowly take it down. Make sure to glide down the Hair Straightener slowly so that the curls come out perfectly.

3. Crimped Waves

Take a small section of your hair and plait it tight from the top to the near tip. Next, use a hair fixer spray and allow the mist to dry. Now, take your Hair Straightener and clamp down the plait tight to flatten it. Starting from the top, slowly go down, clamp it and repeat the process 2-3 times. Unravel the plaits and run your fingers through each one of them to get voluminous and naturally crimped waves. Use Vega Adore hair straightener for best results.

4. Perfect Ponytail

Want to get that pitch-perfect ponytail that has those flicks in the end? There are some who have natural flicks while there are some of us who have got normal straight ends. But it is totally possible for normal-haired peeps to get those perfect ends of a ponytail with just the help of VEGA Shine-On Hair Straightener. Take your hair backward and brush it into a ponytail with the help of a tight hair band. Now, create those curved flicks at the back by taking random sections in between the plates and twisting them 180 degrees in different directions. Finish the look by spraying some fixers.

5. Soft Retro Curls



Pick horizontal sections of your hair and the size depends on how broad you want your curls to be. Now, roll the entire strand around two fingers and tuck the end in between your fingers. Use a Hair Straightener to clamp the rolled-up hair and then pin it till it cools down. Repeat the process on the other strands and when you are done clamping them, unpin and run your fingers down all over. This will give you the curls straight from the 80s movies.

Now you know that a Hair Straightener is no less than a magic wand for people who love to style their hair every now and then. Therefore, if you just have one Hair Styler and if that happens to be a Hair Straightener then you know that’s your prized possession. Pick any from the wide range of Vega Hair Straighteners that feature multiple heat settings. This helps in maintaining the temperature according to the style you desire. Now, simply style your way through!