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5 Styling Tools Every Hair Enthusiast Should Have at Home

5 Styling Tools Every Hair Enthusiast Should Have at Home

There is an ideal hair tool for every style - for getting poker-straightlocks, beach wavesor voluminous curls. Depending on what styles you're fond, you can choose to buy hair styling toolssuch as hair straighteners, dryers orcurlers.

From excellent hairdryers to super-effective straighteners and curlers,we’ve rounded up the best hair styler tools by Vega. All of them boast of great safety features and will help take the stress out of styling. Whatever hair style you’ve got your eyes on, Vega has you covered.


Here, we have listed some of the best hair styler toolsthat can help you flaunt mew hairdos like a pro:

  1. Hair Straightener

Getting a sleek hair stylertool for straightening your hair will prove to be a great investment for the fashionista in you. It will help you flatten those unflattering bounces instantly and will take your look to a whole new level. Our ceramic hair straighteneroffers the ideal straightening method for smoothening waves or naturally curly hair.

When selecting a hair straightener, make sure you choose one that has a high heat setting option and gives the most effective hair styling experience in one go. The copper ceramic technology straightens the hairwithout causing breakage and leaving behind a shine. We have a range of best hair styler tool with 4 heat setting options (140⁰C to 200⁰C) thatcan help you flatten the most stubborn curls to get beautiful straight hair. It heats up within seconds and comes with a power indicator light. 

  1. Hair Dryer

Every girl wants a lightweight hairdryer that she can carry anywhere toget the ultimate blow-dried hair look easily and quickly. The Vega Blooming Air 1000W hairdryer is one such perfect styling tool that allows you to set your hair the right way instantly. This hair dryer features a unique hot and cold airflow system that allows for flexible styling and full drying. It comes with an extension attached to the concentrator for correct drying and styling.Perfectly lightweight, this is the best hair styler tool to carry for all your upcoming destination weddings or trips.

  1. Hair Curler

A budget-friendly tourmaline wand that lets you get those perfect curls, or beach waves is a must-have. The smooth texture helps you in quickly rolling your hair strands to get that perfectly finished look. You can buy Vega Smooth Curl Hair Dryer that enables hair styling without damage, thus, ensuring that the quality of your hair remains intact. Roll your hair around the hair styler, use the clamp to secure your hair and create unkinked natural curls. Vega Smooth Curl uses ceramic coating technology that produces smooth curls and features adjustable electronic temperature ranging from 1200C to 2000C. The curler is easy to use, so you can style your hair all by yourself.

Apply your heat-protective product, blow dry hair, and then segment hair to curl in loose waves or tighter ones depending on the look you wish to create. Later, make sure you brush through the curls after you're finished - for a smooth, natural finish.

  1. Hair Straightening Brush

We have the best hair styler tool that is the perfect combination of a brush and a straightening tool—hair straightening brush. The straightening brush glides through your hair quickly and effortlessly, disengages like any hairbrush and straightens your hair like a hair straightener. The brush has heat-protective bristles coated with silica gel that protect your scalp from heat.It is also fitted with anti-frizz and anti-scald technology; the brush surface holds a constant temperature to protect against burning and gives you frizz-free hair. You can enjoy adjustable temperature settings from 180 ° C to 230 ° C.

  1. Hair Styler

You can get a new look everyday with the help of Vega 3 in 1 styler. It is the best multi hairstyle that will help you straighten, crimp, and curl your hair. This styler is a one-stop solution for giving you a new hairdo every day, be it that prim and proper corporate hairdo or that bohemian party look.It has flat plates to straighten the hair and make it look stylish. The crimper plates produce delicate textures, and the curling iron creates lustrous locks. With just one button, you can switch among the three different toolsquickly and conveniently.

These are some essential hair styler tools to create salon finish hairstyles at home. In addition to these, also have awater sprayer and rounded brush with you! You can shop from Vega online store and get the best hair styler tools at an affordable range. So, what are you waiting for? It is style-o-clock, shop today!