All about Myths and Facts Related to Using Facial Cleanser Tool

All about Myths and Facts Related to Using Facial Cleanser Tool

When we visualize skincare, we imagine glimpses of make-up removal, double cleansing, exfoliation, and toning. But there are days when we are exhausted and, how we barely have the energy to get up and follow multiple-stepped regime. So on most occasions, we decide to skip skincare and doze off to sleep without even washing our face.

While following skincare routines may feel like a mundane task, the new Facial Tools actually make it easier for you. Flawless skin does not only come by following a multi-step skincare routine but also by keeping a few products handy that contribute to the right skincare in return for minimal effort. 

Facial Cleansing Tools have been proclaimed to thoroughly cleanse the skin, eliminate impurities, remove excess oil, make-up residue, and keep the face fresh and hydrating. With that being said, these facial cleansers provide wonderful skin benefits but simultaneously there are a lot of myths associated with these tools. Here we are debunking a few of the common myths about the facial cleanser machine. 

Common Myths about Facial Cleanser Tool

Myth1. They Cause Acne and Skin Breakouts

Being stressed and having a hectic day takes a toll on the skin’s appearance and often leaves it looking dull and tired. This is why you need a Facial Cleanser to clean every scrap of make-up and dirt. However, the misconception related to acne and skin breakouts due to the usage of facial cleansers is wrong. The right way to use the Facial Cleanser is to identify your skin type, need and then use the brush. To avoid skin breakouts, always lather up the face before using the cleansing tool. While using VEGA Facial Cleanse Pro Facial Cleanser, use plenty of water and soap before to avoid irritation. 

Myth2. People with Sensitive Skin Can’t Use the Facial Cleanser

This statement is not necessarily true! If you follow the right way, using facial cleanser tools does not harm any type of skin. It’s recommended to use it gently on the face two to three times a day. These cleansing tools are omnipresent in the market and don’t cause any side effects because they are dermatologically approved. On days when you feel too lazy to do your skincare routine, VEGA 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser gives your face a thorough cleansing with its two silicone brushes. One does the cleansing while the other one helps with exfoliation along with giving massaging effect. 

Myth3. Every Facial Cleansing Machine Does the Same Job 

Let’s get the basics out. Different cleansing tools do different jobs and not all of them are designed for the same purpose. Certain tools are only designed for sensitive skin while few are made for the ones with normal skin. For instance, few facial cleansers come with a specific number of speed settings while other ones have different run-time. The purpose of cleansing and using the tool also varies from design to design and is even made up of different materials. 

Myth4. They Can Be Used for Both Body and Face

This myth is far away from reality and hence can’t be true at all. Facial Cleansers are not the all-in-one product that can be used to clean all body parts from head to toe. They only cater to getting a perfect face clean-up at home, exfoliating the skin, and removing the make-up a little more thoroughly. It exfoliates the face for getting smooth-looking and bright skin that is free from every type of dirt. Bonus points because it also suits all skin types and meets up with the basic at-home skincare routine.

Facial Cleansers are regarded as the pinnacle of skincare and using them in the right way will leave the skin looking vibrant and youthful.