Facebook Pixel An Exclusive Guide on How to Use VEGA Lady Shaver?

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An Exclusive Guide on How to Use VEGA Lady Shaver?

An Exclusive Guide on How to Use VEGA Lady Shaver?

We often see salons and parlors packed with women getting body waxing to get smooth and silky soft skin devoid of any hair strand. Rigorously following salon appointments and enduring pain while getting hair waxed often takes a toll on a woman’s mind. Planning the outfit of the day according to the waxing schedule or refraining from buying clothes that reveal body parts are few situations that are enough to check any woman’s patience. But then the concern is what is that alternative to save time and money both to painless hair removal? Well not keeping suspense anymore, the best alternative that any woman can ever find to painless hair removal is Lady Shaver. And not creating a fuss, this blog will tell how VEGA Lady Shaver fulfills all the requirements of an ideal Shaver that deserves to be in every woman’s Personal Care Products basket.

Here’s What VEGA Lady Shaver Actually is all about

The lazy mind makes us miss out on even the daily errands and that includes self-grooming tasks too. After a week of hectic work schedule, you set up the booking for waxing but ended up sleeping post noon on weekend. We all have done this for the guilty pleasure of beauty sleep. And exactly why VEGA Lady Shaver gives us accessibility to stay home, be comfortable in our pajamas and remove the body hair with ease. This VEGA Lady Shaver comes with hypoallergenic blades that are suitable for both wet and dry use. Along with a fancy charging stand, this device gives a run time of 90 minutes if you charge for 120 minutes. Moreover, this Lady Shaver is IPX6 Water-proof and can be used under the shower as well.

How to Use VEGA Lady Shaver: Step by Step Guide

Prep Your Skin

The key secret to a free and easy shaving experience is to take a shower or wash the particular body part that you want to shave. For a smooth experience, prefer using lukewarm water and any shower gel. You can also use this shaver directly on dry skin as it is suitable for both dry and wet use. If you are using the shaver dry, make sure the skin is clean, dry, and free of cream and oil.

Get to Work With The Lady Shaver

Once your skin is moist, turn on the device and ensure it’s fully charged to avoid any disruption. Hold the shaver at a right angle and move it in the direction against the hair growth. Make sure to use the Lady Shaver with light hands. Putting too much pressure on the shaver might result in damage to the device and cause irritation on the skin. Repeat the same process till hair is not fully shaved. Once done, switch off the device.

After Shaving Process

Once you are done with the shaving, wash and rinse the skin and dry with a towel. After the skin is dried up, apply a moisturizer on the shaved body part to avoid dryness after shaving.

Things to Keep In Mind While Using VEGA Lady Shaver

  • After every use, make sure to turn off the device.
  • Clean and remove all the leftover debris from the foil after shaving.
  • Exfoliate your skin before shaving.
  • Ensure not to run the shaver in the wrong direction.

And you are all set to flaunt your hairless and smooth skin with confidence with the help of this exemplary VEGA Grooming Appliance. Get going girl!