Facebook Pixel Beauty Blender: Key Secret to Flawless Make-Up Look

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Beauty Blender: Key Secret to Flawless Make-Up Look

Beauty Blender: Key Secret to Flawless Make-Up Look

It is no secret that using Beauty Blenders have changed the definition of make-up. Over the years, the usual norm was to use Make-up Brushes for precise and flawless make-up application, but now with the invention of beauty blenders, doing make-up is easier and quicker. These compact size sponges and blenders ensure that the foundation blends seamlessly and concealer gives the exact buildable coverage your face needs.

These Make-up Blenders are undoubtedly the most versatile styling essential in our make-up bag as they don’t leave any lines or patches on the skin and ensure products absorb into the skin completely. For that airbrushed make-up look, invest in specific types of Beauty Blenders and get natural-looking make-up in less time and smoother finish. To know more about these phenomenal Beauty Accessories for Women, read further for the detailed guide as to how to use them for hassle-free make-up.

How to Use Beauty Blender and Sponge?

Start With Clean and Hydrated Skin

A well-prepped skin before using any make-up blender or product is a must-have. Wash your face with a face wash or facial cleanser to make the face free from oil, sweat or dirt accumulated. Follow this step by using toner or daily moisturizer to hydrate the skin that often becomes dry. Skin that is properly cleansed and moisturized gives a radiant glow to the face and helps with the smooth and easy application of make-up products.

Wash the Sponge Blender before Use

Make-up that is free from patches, cakey layers, and any breakouts is what every girl dreams of having. But using beauty blenders that have not been cleaned forever can result in make-up budging and breaking from corners. Beauty Blenders that glide smoothly on the skin texture are clean and free from buildups and give a perfect base finish. Hence before and after use, always clean the beauty sponges and blenders. Using a clean make-up blender ensures your make-up looks on point and no extra product is absorbed or wasted.

Wet the Beauty Sponge

If you are applying foundation, using a Beauty Sponge is the best make-up applicator to invest in. When soaked in water before use, blenders double in size by swelling up. Using a damp make-up sponge ensures less usage of products and a radiant glow on the face. Just soak the sponge in water and squeeze the excess. Now once the sponge is damp, put some pumps of foundation on the blender directly or apply on the face and then blend using a blender. The end result will be a dewy, crease-free perfect make-up base!

Dab the Blender Instead of Rubbing

No matter if you apply the product directly on the blender or the face, always blend the Foundation or Concealer in a tapping motion. For the silky smooth texture, always dab the blender instead of dragging or rubbing on the skin. You must not put any pressure on the blender, be gentle and let it do the main part of blending! For efficient results, always use both sides of the blender till the product does not get distributed evenly.

Simply keep these basic points in mind for flawless and streak-free make-up results. Also, don’t forget to clean the make-up sponges after use, rinse the excess water, let it dry and store it in a hygienic place later.