Beauty Routine While Working From Home

Beauty Routine While Working From Home

Working from home has its perks. No alarm clock wakes you from slumber sleep, no morning hustle to get ready and rush to catch the metro or get stuck in traffic. You can easily stay in bed all day and attend work meetings with your favorite coffee. Along with these perks, certain drawbacks come along with working from home. Juggling between work and household chores leaves no time to look after your skin and body. But there are quick hacks that you can use to look after your skin and balance your work responsibilities simultaneously.

How to Look After the Skin and Body While Working From Home

Begin the Day with Face Cleansing

The first thing we do after waking up is going through our skin care regime. But ever since the millennial generation went to the remote format of working, we all have skipped our daily routine for that extra sleep. One might feel lazy but don’t skip your skin care routine being at home. Despite not stepping out in the sun or being exposed to the pollution, our face gets piled up with facial impurities and it is important to clean it. Use VEGA Facial Cleanser for deep cleaning of the facial pores, removing the extra oil, dirt exfoliating, and massaging your skin with ease.

Focus on Body Care While Bathing

While taking bath, deep clean your body with the help of a scrubber or Bath Sponge. It helps to remove the layer of dead skin cells and makes the skin soft and supple. VEGA Bath Sponge proves ideal for daily bathing routine and deep cleanses all the parts of the body where your hands can’t reach. It exfoliates the skin and it looks youthful and glowing.

Indulge In Face Massage

Working from home gives feasibility to people to stay in their comfort zone however being glued to the screen has some cons as well. The increased interaction with the digital screen results in puffy eyes, headache, and tired face. Whenever you feel exhausted due to work, ensure to take small breaks in between and rejuvenate yourself to return to the workstation afresh. One of the best ways is to use VEGA Rose Quartz Face Roller that is specially designed to massage the face and neck area gives relief from puffiness, stress, and strengthens the facial muscles.

Take Care of Hand and Feet

While sitting at home, you can also take care of your nails with the help of VEGA Manicure and Pedicure Tools. Practice good nail hygiene at home with the help of Manicure Clippers and Nail Files. Use a Foot File to clean the cracked heels and to get rid of the calluses. You might not be stepping out but keeping your fingernails and feet clean will make you feel and look good.

Maintain a Hair Care Routine

Work from home calls for sudden work meetings and video calls and it is important to look good in front of the camera. Don’t skip your hair wash regime and give your strands a salon-like blow dry with VEGA Insta-Look Hair Dryer that gives fast drying and great styling sitting in the comfort of the home.

Shape your Eyebrows

With salons shut everywhere, you can groom your eyebrows with the help of a Tweezer. Now shape, groom, and maintain your eyebrows without stepping out with the help of VEGA Classic Tweezer that has a filed square tip and helps to get rid of the outgrown eyebrows without causing any pain.

VEGA is your one-stop solution to all the ultimate grooming and beauty needs and makes working from home a joyful experience by providing all the DIY tools.