Facebook Pixel How To Trim Beard At Home, Here’s A Thorough Guide

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Beginners Guide To Shape Beard At Home Using A Beard Trimmer

Beginners Guide To Shape Beard At Home Using A Beard Trimmer

Beards currently are a thing, and if you are blessed with good growth, then you know what needs to be done. Sometimes, growing and maintaining a healthy and well-groomed beard can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. The good news is that with the right tools and techniques, shaping your beard at home using a beard trimmer can be a simple process. You don’t have to go heavy on the pocket at the salon every time you want a different shape for your beard or whenever you need trimming.

Let’s discuss the step-by-step guide on how to shape your beard using a beard trimmer at home.

Step 1: Choose the Right Beard Trimmer

Investing in a good quality beard trimmer is essential for a well-groomed beard. Look for a beard trimmer with a variety of adjustable settings, so you can choose the right length for your beard. A trimmer with a built-in vacuum is also helpful in keeping the mess to a minimum. Such an ideal beard trimmer would be VEGA Vacuum Beard Trimmer which comes with 10 different length settings (0.5mm-18mm) and features a powerful vacuum system for keeping all the trimming mess at bay and ultra-sharp titanium blades for skin-friendly and precise cuts. The Vacuum Cabinet collects maximum trimmed hair below 4mm, escaping the hassle of stray hair cleanup behind.

Step 2: Hold It The Right Way

Hold the Vega trimmer like you would hold a pen or pencil, with a relaxed grip. Make sure your fingers are positioned comfortably on the trimmer's body. Avoid gripping too tightly, as it may cause uneven trimming or discomfort.

Step 3: Choose the Right Length Setting

Before you start trimming, choose the right length setting for your beard. If you're new to trimming, start with a longer length setting and work your way down gradually until you achieve the desired length. Run the beard trimmer against the direction of hair growth to remove excess hair. Repeat using shorter trim settings until you’re satisfied with the length. For best experience go for Vega SmartOne Series-S1 beard trimmer that comes with 2 Comb Attachments and 40 Length Settings. Featuring a Smart Memory Function that remembers your last used speed mode, the trimmer comes with 3 unique speed Modes - Eco, Pro, and Max to provide a customized, comfortable and precise trimming experience.

Step 4: Trim Your Neckline

To start shaping your beard, trim your neckline. The neckline is the line that runs from behind your ear to the other ear, across the bottom of your neck. Trim it carefully to create a clean, defined neckline. Trim a vertical strip below this line by placing a finger horizontally just over your Adam's Apple. Work from the center of your jawline outward to one side, then back inward to the opposite side. If you have stubble, you can skip this step; if you have a full beard, the neckline is important.

Step 5: Trim Your Cheeks

Next, trim your cheeks. Use the trimmer to create a line from your sideburn down to the corner of your mouth. Make sure the line is straight and even on both sides. If you are happy with your cheek line, you can keep it as it is. For an edgier look, choose a straight or little bit rounded line to the bottom of your sideburns. The lower the cheek line, the lengthier your face would appear.

Step 6: Trim Your Mustache

Trim your mustache using a smaller trimmer attachment. Comb your mustache downward and trim it to your desired length. Be sure to trim any stray hairs on the top of your upper lip. If you want a nice, clean lipline, close your mouth and smile. Make sure your mustache is clean and trim the bottom without using the trimmer comb to create a 1 mm line above your lips. This step totally depends on if at all you want to trim your mustache and is, therefore, optional.

Step 7: Trim Your Beard

Finally, it's time to trim your beard. Start at the bottom of your beard and work your way up. Trim your beard in the direction of hair growth, using an upward motion. Use a shorter length setting around your jawline and chin to create a more defined shape. For a holistic beard trimming experience, pick VEGA 4 in 1 Beard Trimmer that features Stainless Steel Blade, 2 Attachments  T-Blade and Design Blade and 2 Comb Attachments- 3mm & 7mm along with a trimming range of 0.5-7mm. Additionally, 45 Minutes of Runtime, Washable Blades, and Cordless Use make it an absolute trimming essential. It's time to sharpen up your beard styles and get creative.

Groom it up

Get a sharp and perfect shape with Vega Beard Comb which helps you keep all your beard phases - short boxed, medium stubble, or long beard well groomed. This comb can be used to detangle, shape, trim your facial hair or sideburns, and even facilitates applying your favorite balm, oil or wax. Fits into your pocket for everyday use or a travel bag for on-the-go.

Step 8: Clean Up

Once you've finished trimming your beard, use a brush or comb to remove any loose hair. If you used a trimmer with a built-in vacuum or hair catcher, empty it and clean the blades. The Vega S1 Trimmer comes with IPX7 waterproof blades making it easy to clean without any fear of moisture turning into rust.

In conclusion, shaping your beard at home using a beard trimmer can be an easy and rewarding process. Just remember to choose the right trimmer, choose the right length setting, and take your time. With a little practice and patience, you'll have a well-groomed beard in no time!