Best Blow-Drying Tips for Salon like Finish At Home

Best Blow-Drying Tips for Salon like Finish At Home

A fresh blow-out is such a day saver when nothing else works out while doing the hair. The perfect blow-dry can turn any bad hair day better. And to get that bouncy, fuller-looking, and shiny hair, you don’t have to visit the salon anymore because now you can get that smooth and silky mane at home itself. It’s a total myth that you can’t achieve salon-like blow-dried hair at home. With the correct blow drying tips, you can easily achieve those gorgeous-looking tresses. Read on further to find out how to blow dry hair like an expert at home! 

Right Tips on How to Blow Dry Hair At Home

Invest in the Right Tools 

If you want perfect-looking hair free from frizz and looks shiny, smooth, and silky then the first thing you need to do is invest in an efficient Hair Drying Machine. While splurging money on a Hair Dryer, look for one that minimizes hair damage and offers features like multiple heat settings for customized hairstyling, a cool shot button, and a convenient handle to rotate the dryer in all directions. Other than a hair dryer, another tool that you should not miss is the right hair brush. It is very important to use the right hair brush while detangling your knots. 

Don’t Keep The Hair Wrapped in a Towel for Longer Time

While prepping for the hair, we often wash the tresses and wrap a towel around the head to let excess water get dried. But you should not keep the hair locks wrapped for a long time and allow the strands to dry naturally. Going from wet hair to being exposed to the hot air of a blow dryer is not good for the hair roots as they are most vulnerable when wet. 

Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

No matter whether you are running late or have time on your hands, never use a hair brush on wet hair. Tugging a comb or brushing on wetness increases the chance of hair breakage as hair cuticles are most sensitive when damp. Let your hair dry partially then use a wide teeth comb or a Hair brush with soft bristles to detangle the mane without causing breakage or hair pulling. Always detangle the hair on the tips first and then move to the roots.

Always Section the Hair before Styling 

Before styling your hair, take out some time and divide your hair into different sections. This way your hairstyle will look more polished and you will also save time on styling. It is recommended to work in small sections so that you have more control over styling and detangling your hair knots. If you try to style the hair all at once, it will end up in knots and tangles. Henceforth, to get a salon-like blowout at home, work with a single section at a time. 

Blow Dry Each Section Gently 

To save time if you move from one section to the other faster, you might not achieve the desired result you are looking for. Hence have some patience and style each section completely and then move to the other one. Allow your hair to dry fully and set properly before you move to the next section. This will keep them shiny and smooth throughout the day. 

Simply keep these following points in mind and you can get through salon-like hair at home!