Facebook Pixel Caring for Your Beard This Summer: Quick Tips

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Caring for Your Beard This Summer: Quick Tips

Caring for Your Beard This Summer: Quick Tips

The summer sun is known for its scorching heat and all that it does to your skin. However, your skin is not alone going through the turmoil, beard has to face the wrath too.

It is seen that as much as the women are concerned with their summer care routines, most of the men still prefer to dodge all these rituals. Especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy summer beard, it is easier for men to keep the style clean rather preserving a well-defined beard.

In case you are one of these men who think beards make you feel warmer in the summer, it's time for a reality check. In fact, beards act as a protective layer saving the skin from UV rays.

There is no essential need to cut down your beard, you can enjoy your beard grooming game and still make the most of the summer times. Here is a guide to some of the best beard caring tips to swear by this summer season:

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

The first and foremost mantra for a good-looking beard is to keep yourself hydrated. While you are wondering how staying hydrated is concerned with the health and care of your beard, the skin cells are developed from 90% of water, and having enough water consumption keeps your skin healthy. This means there are reduced chances of beard hair breakage leading to better beard hair growth.

2. Wash Beard Frequently

Summer brings in sweat and causes stickiness around your facial area which includes your beard region too. Thus, frequent beard washes are suggested to be incorporated in your daily routine. While washing with your regular shampoo might take a toll on your beard care, opt for a sulfate-free shampoo as it won't let your skin dry out. Also, it would easily eliminate the stickiness along with all the dirt and debris your beard must be carrying. To top it up, you can also apply a lightweight conditioner that leaves your beard shining.

3. Give Undivided Attention to Moisturizing

Unlike your body hair, the hair on the beard is coarser in nature and requires proper moisturization and hydration. Keep splashing water frequently and don't forget to moisturize it with beard oil. By doing this, not only you will be able to tame down the beard frizz but also soften your beard hair.

4. Trim It Nice

Once you have grown a thick long beard, no matter how stylish it looks, you gotta trim it nice and short to avoid the itchy feeling. The itchy feeling is natural especially in the summer season when all the moisture gets stuck in your beard hair causing to prick. Thus, take your best beard trimmer out, decide your preferred beard length and go short. Once done, don't forget to moisturize both your skin and newly trimmed beard in order to keep the stubble smooth and shiny.

Now that you know what all it takes to care for your beard the best, begin the process of summer beard care today and get all the essentials shopped. Since trimming your beard is one of the crucial steps, go exploring our wide range of VEGA Beard Trimmers that come with exceptional features and eye-catchy designs and are sure to raise your style quotient bar high!