Facebook Pixel Choosing the Right Hair Brush for Women: Things to Know

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Choosing the Right Hair Brush for Women: Things to Know

Choosing the Right Hair Brush for Women: Things to Know

Choosing the Right Hair Brush for Women: Things to Know

Women are very particular about things that merely even hold any importance then imagine how significant it would be for them to get on the quest for finding the best hair brushes.

Though for many of you it might sound casual, it is actually important to recognize the right hair brush that suits your hair type.

However, the state of confusion is apparent especially when there are a plethora of hair brushes for women in the market. Firstly, it is hard to track the difference if you are a newbie, and secondly, it is even harder to recognize what type of brush would be best for your kind of hair. Thus, to dodge all your hazes and refine your way here are a few things you should know before stepping out to buy an affordable hair brush:

1. Shape of the Brush

The shape of the hair brush depends on its type and holds a vital significance in your hair brushing process. For instance, if it's a Paddle Brush the shape would be of a large rectangle and is ideal for medium to long hair. The oval-shaped hair brushes are called Cushion Brushes and work magic on short to medium length hair whereas small rectangular hair brushes are called Flat Hair Brushes that add an apt amount of shine to your hair. Other than this, there are round hair brushes that help you achieve the right curve and curl in your hair. No matter what style, with just choosing the right shape, it gets easier for you to attain the desired style.

2. Length of Your Hair

As stated above, the length of your hair matters a lot when it's about choosing the right hair brush. There is no point of brushing with a smaller brush when you have long-lengthed hair uptil waist. Similarly, it hardly makes any sense to use a large paddle brush on shoulder-lengthed hair. Though your hair would be brushed, the desired results are hard to achieve. On the same place, if you use the right brush on your hair length, not just the results are easily achievable but even the brushes glide so smoothly.

3. Bristles of the Brush

Bristles are certainly one important factor to decide upon as they come in direct contact with the scalp. If you go wrong with choosing the bristles that are non-flexible and harsh, it would have an adverse effect on your scalp. Thus, it is suggested to also discover the bristles of the hair brush and look for ball-tipped nylon bristles. VEGA range of hair brushes come with ball-tipped nylon bristles and are responsible for promoting a gentle massaging effect over the scalp.

4. Grip of the Brush

Comfort comes first, no matter what! Even if you are looking for a suitable hair brush, don't forget to go after comfort. Always determine your choice by holding the hair brush as it will give you an idea of the comfort ability. Once you find the right pick for yourself that also has a comfortable grip handle, you will realize how easy and effortless your hair styling has become.

The above-mentioned factors are everything you should know and consider before making the final choice. By following them, there is no chance of you going wrong with the best hair brush buying decision.

However, one piece of advice that you shouldn't let slip from the mind is, identifying your hair type. Once you have recognized the hair type it is a cakewalk to get the next steps right. You can also go exploring our wide range of VEGA Hair Brushes, coming in different shapes, colors and sizes!