Cleaning Hair Brush? Here’s the Right Way to Do It!

Cleaning Hair Brush? Here’s the Right Way to Do It!

Every morning while racing with time to make it to work before the deadline, you remind yourself to clean the dirty hair brush that has been taken no notice of for ages! But you again let it slip through your mind and curse yourself. But isn’t this too obvious that using a dirty hairbrush is similar to intentionally making neat hair dirty? A Hair Brush detangles hair and makes it frizz-free but a dirty Hair Brush can put dirt, oil, or dirty residual back in the roots. And to nudge your basic ethics to more extent, this blog aims to provide you with the best hair brush cleaning process.

Why is it so Important to Clean the Hair Brush?

  • Like make-up sponges and blenders, even Hair Brush catches dirt, oil, or broken hair strands in between the bristles which go back in your hair while brushing. Hence it’s strongly recommended to clean the brush as often as you can.
  • We often use hair styling appliances with products like leave-in conditioner, hair sprays, or gels and while brushing hair, all of this can get stuck in your hair. And that’s why you need to get rid of all these chemical residuals to make your best hair brush last long.
  • Ordinarily, we shed 50 to 100 strands of hair daily and even that gets stuck in the brush hence it is very important to clean the hair brush after each use.
  • If you feel that after brushing your hair, your scalp becomes oily or greasy then maybe it’s because of the dirt that has clogged on the bristles and you need to clean it soon.

Right Ways of Cleaning a Hair Brush

For any type of hair brush, whether it is a Paddle Hair Brush or Flat Hair Brush, cleaning does not mean cleaning manually. There are specific ways to Clean Hair Brushes and you need to abide by them. And if you buy VEGA Hair Brushes, it becomes quite convenient to use and clean.

Things You Need

  • Take a bowl of warm water or use any clean washbasin.
  • Now choose any mild shampoo with good foam and baking soda which is optional.
  • Pick a pair of scissors and an old toothbrush.

Steps to clean Hair Brush

  • If there are leftover hair strands, then remove them first. You can use the VEGA Tail Comb which has fine teeth to remove the strands stuck between the bristles.
  • Next, take a bowl of lukewarm water with shampoo, and then soak your hairbrush in it. Make sure if you are soaking Wooden Round Hair Brush then don’t soak it entirely as this might damage the wood.
  • For deep cleaning and removing the dirt from the base, you can use an old toothbrush and scrub it for deep cleaning.
  • In the end, rinse the hairbrush with clean water and wipe it off using a clean cloth leaving it to dry.

How Often Should We Clean the Hair Brush?

There is no hard and fast rule for the hair brush cleaning routine, however, make sure to clean it rigorously every time you do that. And to escape a time-consuming cleaning process, you can schedule it for every weekend on the to-do list. And that’s all! Next time make sure not to leave the dirty hairbrush on your dresser.