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5 Common Shaving Mistakes Men Should Stop Making

One of the most important aspects of a men's grooming routine is shaving facial hair.No matter how easy it might sound or how effortless it might appear in your head, keeping up with the grooming part is very challenging in real life.

Especially for men, it is really hard to pick up a shaver after realizing their ideal choice and ending up with a smooth touch. Usually, you might just keep doing what you've always done, even if you're not satisfied with the performance and this is where we go wrong.

Just doing things without having any sense of satisfaction is barely doing anything. In case you are not happy with your ongoing shaving routine, there are possibilities you might be executing things wrong. The next mentioned are the most common shaving mistakes men make while shaving at home and how you can avoid these in the future.

  1. Prepping with Cold Water

Coldwater shrinks the skin pores to a size that it makes harder for the shaving creams to work effectively and toughens the job of the shaver. Before you get started, clean your face with lukewarm water so the pores open up and the stubble gets soft. By doing this, you can easily achieve a clean and even shave.

  1. Skipping the Pre-Shave Lube

Another common mistake that people usually make is by dodging the pre-shave lube and straight away heading to the shaving process. Moisturizing your skin is important and so is applying beard oil and massaging it all over. Massage the beard oil into your beard area with a pre-shave product and let it sit for a few minutes and see the magic later.

  1. Using Canned Foam

All shaving creams packed in can have one thing in common- poor quality. These foams are most of the time harsh on your skin and lead to skin redness and razor burns. The top layer of your face is exfoliated by shaving, revealing new skin which needs to be moisturized and covered. Hence, you must avoid making this big-time shaving mistake.

  1. Shaving Against the Grain

The most obvious reason for nicks and cuts on your skin is shaving against the hair growth. Some men shave against the grain, but you need to be particularly vigilant with a shaver. Not doing so will leave the hair tugged unnaturally, leaving lumps and redness after shaving. 

  1. Neglecting Post-Shave Care

Once you finish shaving, don't miss the aftercare. You have just dragged a sharp blade over your face, which can cause momentary redness or rashes on your face, so a lack of post-shave care can cause inflammation or other skin issues. Always finish up with an aftershave balm to rehydrate damaged skin and moisturize well to prevent any such problem. It could make all the change in ensuring your shave is perfect than ever to spend a minute on aftercare.

These are some rookie shaving mistakes that most men make while shaving. However now, that you know already, it's time to avoid these mistakes and get a good quality shaver like VEGA Mr Smart triple head liner shaver for you. The floating stainless-steel blades of the VEGA shaver give you a smooth shave in no time.

It has a special 1-hour rapid charge feature with 45 minutes of operation time. For enhanced skin comfort, a wet shave with foam or gel is recommended, or you can even use it dry for a quick shave. This shaver also has a pop-up trimmer to give you a neat & clean mustache and sideburns. With an ergonomic build, this shaver is simple to support and a total must-have.