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Different Styles To Create Using A Hair Crimper

Different Styles To Create Using A Hair Crimper

Hair crimpers are a very interesting hair styling tool that helps to add a certain texture to your hair while adding volume to it. Many of us are not that aware about the idea of hair crimping at home and immediately jump into the conclusion of taking to parlors for a nicely crimped hair for occasions. Let’s make it clear first that crimping at home is now easier than ever before and you can do plenty of styles, probably in minutes using a hair crimping machine right at the comfort of your home. Let’s list down few of the trendiest DIY hair crimping ideas for you to ace unique hairstyles for every occasion.

1. Loose Crimped Hair

Let’s start with the traditional style, which involves parting or dividing the hair in two sections. A middle partition is recommended for this style to look sensuous. Take your Vega Hair Crimperand start crimping down small horizontal sections of your hair. The hair crimper comes with wide ceramic coated plates with 5 ridges that cover a large section of hair in one go and are suitable for all hair types. Wait for approx. 3-5 seconds in between each press depending on hair type. You can even go for a gap of an inch or two in between each crimp for this style to look looser.

2. Crimped Ponytail

Classic crimp made into a ponytail is a new way to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle. It infuses volume and texture to your ponytail making it look chic and super attractive. Take Vega Glam-Glitz 2 in 1 Hair Styler, a perfect combination of hair straightener and hair crimper. It comes with Keratin infused ceramic coated plates to offer even heat distribution and shine to your hair. Crimp the mid-half of your hair and tie it into a high ponytail. This look goes for both casual and formal outings.

3. Crimped Look With High Half Ponytail

This style is best suited for long hair and rarely experimented, but has to be one of the best crimped hairstyles. Crimp your hair as finely as possible using Vega 3-in-1 Hair Styler that comes with fine crimp plates to create beautiful and defined textures. Once you have crimped down all your hair, take only half of your back hair and tie it into a high ponytail. Use a lightweight gel or hairspray to add sleekness to the pony. This look goes amazing for occasions that demands distinct styling.

4. Crimped Bob

This style is for women with short hair. As your hairstyle is already chic and attractive, you can add some drama to it by crimping your right from the top to the bottom using the wonderful Vega Hair Crimper, the advantages of which we have mentioned before. A crimped bob is popular a very famous hairstyle for woman of all age. Make sure the crimps are defined and doesn’t look irregular. Since your hair is short, it won’t take long to get this attractive hairstyle. Use a setting spray in the end to maintain the texture as long as possible.

5. In-between Crimps

Well, as the name suggests, this style doesn’t require you to crimp all your hair down, but leave one section of hair as it is between two crimped sections. For example, if you divide your hair into 10 thin sections. You crimp the first section, leave the next one and again crimp the other section. This is a very famous style that has been in talks for years. You can use Vega K Glam 3-in-1 Hair Styler for this hairdo as it has got Keratin Infused Ceramic Coated Crimping Plates to get this look.

Using the high-performance Vega crimping machine / hair crimpers, you can achieve these amazing DIY hairstyles in minutes at home for any occasion.