Do's and Don’ts of Make-Up Removal

Do's and Don’ts of Make-Up Removal

We all love doing make-up and generally prefer water-proof make-up products that have long-wearing formula and does not fade or smudge due to sweat and water. But the real challenge comes with removing make-up. To remove the traces of foundation, mascara, or lipstick, at times we end up rubbing the skin with force. But actually, while removing the make-up you have to be very gentle with the skin to avoid any skin irritation or rashes. Removing make-up the right way is important to avoid any skin problems. Follow this blog to note things to avoid and follow while removing the make-up.

Things to Follow While Removing Make-up

Be Gentle with the Skin

No matter if you are running late or have less time in hand, never try to rub the skin forcefully. Make sure to be gentle with the skin while cleaning the make-up. Rubbing, pulling, or tugging the skin can result in rashes and breakouts and damage the skin severely. Therefore be slow and kind while cleaning the make-up and make sure to clean the entire face without being harsh on the skin.

Clean the Face with Cleanser

Wearing the water-proof make-up gets intimidating while removing it. Certain make-up products require deep cleaning without damaging the skin. To ensure deep cleaning of the pores while doing make-up removal, you can use a facial cleanser. Facial Cleanser thoroughly cleans the skin without hurting or damaging the skin and is suitable for all types of skin. VEGA Cleansepro Facial Cleanser deeply cleanses the face and exfoliates removing all the dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and make-up without damaging the skin.

Double Cleanse if Required

If make-up does not get cleaned in one go, you can double cleanse the face if needed. Double cleansing the face opens the clogged pores, removes stubborn spots from the skin, and gently wipes the acne-causing impurities. Another added benefit of double cleansing is that it makes the skin refreshing, smooth, and clear.

Things to Avoid While Removing Make-up

Avoid using only Make-up Wipes

Having make-up wipes makes cleaning the face or wiping the make-up easier and faster. However, relying on mere wipes to clean the make-up is not correct as it does not clean the face entirely. To wash the residual from the face, ensure cleaning the face with water and soap or Facewash.

Be Patient with Cleaning the Eyes

Eyes are delicate parts of the face and become vulnerable while being exposed to make-up. Therefore while removing the make-up, be careful with the eyes. Take your own time to remove the make-up. You can use soaked cotton pads in oil or water and gently rub them on the eyes. Once you have removed the thick layer of mascara or eyeliner, wash your face by rinsing with water.

Don’t Leave the Hair Open

While cleaning the face, tie your hair in a bun or ponytail to avoid strands coming in front of the face. Hairline and neck are two parts of the face where make-up residual build-up and needs to be cleaned properly. Tieng the long hair makes the skin visible so that your hands reach all the exposed parts where you apply make-up for proper cleaning.

No matter what kind of make-up you apply, keep these tips in mind for easy and convenient make-up removal without damaging the skin.