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Easy Guide to Get Beachy Waves

Easy Guide to Get Beachy Waves

If you are someone who grew up with straight or curly hair or is bored of the common hair styles then it’s time to come up with something more interesting. Beachy Waves is the latest hair experiment that has become a huge trend and makes your hair look flattering and gorgeous. Having hair waves means twisted curls and ripple-like patterns in the hair and gives a chic hairstyle look suiting every hair length. Wavy texture gives volume to the hair and natural vibes to the locks despite being styled. There are several ways to give your hair the essence of waves. To help you with the easiest ways to get the perfect summer Beachy waves, consider the following steps.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Beachy Waves?

Beachy waves look beautiful when they aren’t messy and look casual and so much different than the regular curls. You can use VEGA I-Wave Hair Waver to create beautiful looking waves in just a matter of minutes. Using a hair waver is super easy that is designed with a triple barrel and quick heat-up feature for helping you get, instant wavy hair.

Wash your Hair and Towel Dry

The secret to every polished and finished hair style is clean and smooth hair. Start with washing your hair properly and cleaning the scalp. Towel-dry your hair and apply a heat protectant to protect your hair locks from too much heat.

Untangle the Hair Strands in Different Sections

Once the hair is dry, untangle the hair using wide teeth comb and then make equal hair sections using the end of the tail comb. Once you have tamed your hair, apply hair serum on the ends to settle the frizzy hair. To make hairstyling easy and convenient, you can lift the hair sections with hair clips and then use the hair waver.

Begin From the Roots

There are several ways to style wavy hair. Start from the roots of the hair and clamp the hair tool on small sections of hair. Hold the hair waver for a few seconds and move towards the hair ends. This will make the hair waves flat in an S shape. For more loose and natural waves, you can leave the tips of the hair straight. You can also create defined waves at the bottom layer of the hair.

Create Voluminous Waves

If you want the hair waves to look voluminous, wrap the larger section of hair around the wand in a horizontal way. Start from the roots and hold on more time to get defined waves. Hair Volume enhances the texture of the waves.

Seal the Look with Hair Spray

Once you waved all the hair sections, take a hair spray and seal the hair locks to keep them placed. Tame the strands if required.

And you are done! Once you have styled your hair in wavy texture, you can revamp the look in loose braids, half bun, or high ponytail letting the waves fall beautifully. Make your good hair days better with VEGA Hair Waver and pull up the look with confidence.