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Essentials that Deserve a Place in Manicure and Pedicure Tool Kit

Essentials that Deserve a Place in Manicure and Pedicure Tool Kit

Why is it such a compulsion to rush to salons and get professional treatment for even petty grooming needs when we get it done that at home itself? Draining our pockets for services that are easily accessible at home is not a clever move. One such similar treatment that can be carried out at home is manicure and pedicure and it is just a one-time cost. Nevertheless, if on any gloomy Sunday, you start missing your salon stylist, we are giving you information about those few products that you can use for your grooming sessions. If you are new to this, then invest in VEGA Manicure and Pedicure Tools.

Top VEGA Essentials for Manicure and Pedicure

Nail Clipper

Nail Clipper is very important for basic hygiene and investing in VEGA Hair Clipper or Nail Cutter is always safe? The reason being, the enorgomic design of these nail clippers ensures a safe and smooth nail cutting experience. No matter what size of nails you have, VEGA nail clippers come in all sizes that are suitable for both long and short nails both.

Nail File

Perfectly filed nails with a definite shape and beautiful design can glam up your nails any day. Ideal for daily use, these nail files come in different colors and sizes perfectly shaping even rough edges of nails. You can explore from the fancy collection of metallic, soft, and glass nail files that are compact and travel-friendly to be taken wherever you go.

Pumice Stone

A clean and healthy foot certainly attracts attention and for that using pumice stone is very important during those home pedicure sessions. Using VEGA pumice stone easily removes calluses and dead skin from the foot. If your skin has dried up, this pumice stone can be used best used to remove the patches and give an exceptional smoothness to the toes.

Foot File

Dry skin with breakouts or cracks in the heels is more than enough to give your feet immense pain. However, you can take good care of your toes using VEGA Foot File that is a two-sided tool removing every dead skin and you can easily cover maximum areas with minimum strokes.

How To Do Self-Manicure and Pedicure at Home?

Self-pampering sessions at home have now become easy with the help of VEGA Pedicure and Manicure Tools. Here’s how you can use it for looking after dull skin.

  • Get a tub or bowl with lukewarm water and pour down any shampoo or body wash in it.
  • Now assemble all your essential tools such as Foot File, Pumice Stone, and Nail Clipper, etc.
  • A clean hand towel to dry the skin and nail accessories like nail paint post-clean-up
  • Soak your hands and feet in the lukewarm water and let it get moist.
  • After few minutes, simply take the foot file or pumice stone to rub on the feet and remove the dead skin. For hands, you can clean up the remaining nail paint and cut the long and uneven nails.
  • Take a filer and shape the toenails and hand fingernails both. If needed remove all the cuticles.
  • If the heels of toes have got dead skin or cracks then you can remove them as well using a pumice stone.

And that’s all you require for getting those dreamy nails and clean feet to allure your personality. All with the help of VEGA manicure and pedicure sets.