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Everything You Need to Know about Beauty Blender as a Make-Up Enthusiast

Everything You Need to Know about Beauty Blender as a Make-Up Enthusiast

Imagine a subtle face with an even texture of make-up devoid of patches and breakouts. Feels great while imagining? Well, this thought process can easily be converted into physical existence if you add a make-up blender in your make-up kitty! Make-up Blenders are revolutionized assets in modern time that helps to create elegant make-up look at the drop of a hat. Every make-up product that you apply to your face blends well if applied with the help of a make-up blender. From foundation to concealer to blush, pavement to perfect adhesion of all the facial cosmetics is through choosing right make-up blender. And just in case you are creating your make-up pouch, make sure to add the make-up blender to it.

The Right Way to Use Beauty Blender

Prep Your Skin

Blenders work effortlessly on the face and other body parts only if used with the right make-up product. Before throwing yourself on make-up blenders, make sure to make your skin ready for that first. Wash your face, do the right skincare and then pick the make-up products. Blenders work to set the make-up products only if the skin is ready to grab the product.

Add Some Moisture to the Blender

If used dry, blenders don’t work properly on the face. If you don’t want the make-up to become cakey and patchy, always make it wet and then apply. If moistened well, the blender works fine and help to absorb the foundation efficiently.

Apply the Make-up Product on the Hands

Once the blender has become moist, now take few pumps of foundation or whichever make-up product you are using on your hands. Dip the blender on the product and apply it to the face and blend well. Don’t be too harsh on the blender or else the product will not penetrate the pores properly. Dab the blender in all the corners in an even manner.

Dab the Blender

The human tendency makes us use the blender in a back and forth direction, which is wrong. Using the blender in dabbing motion ensures maximum coverage of make-up product and gives result in form of a natural make-up look. VEGA Make-up blender works exactly the way you want creating a natural and flawless look.

Perks of using VEGA Make-Up Blender

Does Not Leave Any Patches

One of the perks of using VEGA make-up blenders is that they don’t break the make-up in between. If not blended well, the base of make-up starts cracking and visible patches spoil the entire look.

Makes Face Look More Natural

Make-up Blender absorbs the foundation properly if used wet. You can create a dewy and non-cakey make-up with the help of a blender.

Suits Delicate and Sensitive Eyes

It is normal if your make-up feels itchy especially if you have sensitive skin. However, using blenders ensure that make-up does create any scratches or itching and creates a smooth base.

Helps To Fill the Pores

Open pores on the face are very common; however, using blenders for applying make-up fills up all the pores and gives a smooth finish.

One Tool for All the Products

Be it loose powder or foundation stick or concealer, one common blender can be used for the smooth application of all the products.

In short, using a make-up blender while doing make-up is going to play cupid while you steal the show next time. Go order VEGA Beauty Blender today!