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Face Accessories for Post Diwali Detox

Face Accessories for Post Diwali Detox

As soon as October shows up, the aura is filled up with vibrant festivities and celebrations. Starting from Dusshera, the festive vibes lingers till Diwali which is the biggest festival of the year. Be it any corner of the country, Diwali is celebrated with grandeur and great pomp and show. The preparations and shopping starts a month before and go on till the last day. However, amidst all the chaos, we often skip to take care of our skin and it gets dull because of the hectic schedule and all the glam you add to your face. Pre Diwali skin pampering is normal but taking the plunge of post-Diwali detox is still an underrated thing.

Post-Diwali Skin Care Tips to Follow

Diwali and a series of other festivities make us all enthusiastic and we gather in fancy clothes and heavy make-up to play card games, family dinners, and cracker bursting. And once it’s all over, suddenly the skin feels dull and looks tired because of the hectic events that unfold. And if Diwali leaves behind trails of tedious feeling, maybe your skin demands much-needed detox to rejuvenate the energy for getting back in the normal routine. Here’s how you can detox your skin so that you are prepared in advance to fight post-festival blues.

Cleanse Your Skin

Since Diwali is the festival of lights, our skin is often exposed to a lot of air pollutants because of the crackers and Diwali make-up residual. And that’s why your skin demands deep cleansing and scrubbing. Your face might get breakouts, dullness, or open pores and for that, you need to get take your skincare regime seriously by cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing. Use VEGA Face Cleansing Pad that comes with a hold and helps to do skincare and remove make-up hassle-free.

Drink Plenty of Water

To detoxify your skin naturally, drink plenty of water to flush all the toxins from the body. If you have been high on calories during the festivals, drinking water can be one of the first steps towards getting back into a healthy lifestyle. Also, it keeps you hydrated and is one of the key secrets to glowing skin.

Facial Massage

If you are keen to take facial skincare seriously then facial massage is one of the best ways of skincare therapy. Facial tools are used for gently rolling and massaging the face and neck area which helps to relieve stress and gives a cooling sensation to the skin. Therefore if you feel tired and sluggish with the Diwali rituals, pamper your face with the right Face Accessories and VEGA Rose Quartz Facial Roller is the appropriate pick.

Eat a Balanced Diet

We all have had our share of cheat meals during festivals without caring about the calories intake. However, to maintain glowing skin, you also need to eat clean and healthy. Sticking to the right diet, you can effortlessly pull off healthier and brighter skin and won’t even need to invest in chemical products for skincare.

Use Gel Eye Mask

During Diwali, eyes are often exposed to firecrackers, smoke and other pollutants which cause itching and irritation. Hence to soothe your eyes, one can apply VEGA Cucumber Gel Eye Mask that gives a relaxing and cooling sensation. Also in case, your eyes get swollen and puffy, this gel eye mask is highly recommended.

And that’s all you need to give yourself some break, enjoy some me-time and pamper your skin post festivities!