Filling and Defining Eyebrows: A Beginner's Guide

Filling and Defining Eyebrows: A Beginner's Guide

Whether your brows are thin or fully grown, well-sculpted and defined eyebrows can instantly accentuates anyone’s face! As simple as it may seem, doing eyebrows requires a lot of patience and consistency to brush up the eyebrow grooming skills. Gone are the days when people only preferred thin eyebrows. These days’ fuller-looking and thick eyebrows are topping the beauty trend which is the key secret to a perfect makeup look. 

If you are a beginner at filling and shaping the eyebrows, have no fear. It can be intimidating to figure out the right technique and eyebrow shaping tools especially when people around are flaunting their brows on fleek! Use this blog as your guide to master the art of filling the brows. Keep on reading further to find out the step-by-step tutorial on the secret of perfectly groomed eyebrows. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Define Eyebrows like a Pro

Gather All the Tools

Using the right eyebrow grooming tools is the foundation of the perfect brow shape. Hence, first thing first! Gather all your tools and find a well-lit space in your house where you can define the brows easily. You will need a pair of tweezers for plucking extra hair, a brow brush to brush the hair upwards, scissors if needed, and an eyebrow pencil for outlining the brows after giving them a proper shape. You can also keep brow powder and other eye makeup products handy to add some extra definition and enhance the eyes. 

Determine the Shape 

After you have assembled all the supplies, now is the time to determine the brow shape that you wish to draw. The golden rule to find the perfect shape is to go opposite to your face shape. It is challenging to find your perfect brow game when we see beauty influencers with lifted brows that sync perfectly with their brow bones. To reach your dreamy brows, simply look in the mirror, observe your face and take a guess about the face shape. You can check videos online for further reference

Begin Tweezing 

Now that you have found the right brow shape, it’s time to use  hair tweezers to pluck extra and outgrown hair. You can underline the brows using an eyebrow pencil before using the tweezer to give them proper shape and ensure they look aligned with the shape of the face. Always use the eyebrow tweezer on clean skin without any cream or oil. The best time to tweeze the brow hair to avoid pain or skin irritation is right after a hot shower as hot water opens up the pores and softens the skin. 

Brush the Eyebrows 

Once you have cleared the brows using a tweezer, it’s time to enhance the eyebrows. After removing the extra growth, clean the skin to get rid of any sweat or oil and fill up the space with the help of a brow pencil. After you have filled in the space, use an eyebrow brush to stroke the hair upwards starting from the middle or the inner corner of the brows. This will help the defined eyebrows look more natural

Highlight with Eye Makeup

Bring your hard work into the spotlight with a strong eye makeup. Begin with swiping highlighter underneath the brows and just above the eyebrow arch. Now using the VEGA Eyeshadow Brush, sweep a base color on the crease for a basic everyday look or apply a darker color for a bold finish. Next, place a darker shade above the base layer and make your eyes pop with more depth and dimension. Use a fluffy makeup brush to smoke out the color while blending. For adding more drama to your eyes, finish the look with eyeliner or Kajal.

Your gorgeous-looking and well-groomed eyebrows are ready to take over the world. Keep these tips and tricks in mind while doing the brows and play around with different eye looks.