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From Smokey to Halo - Top Eyeshadow Brushes to Ace All Eye Looks

From Smokey to Halo - Top Eyeshadow Brushes to Ace All Eye Looks

Eye makeup is something that can elevate our entire look in a snap of fingers. If we want to switch our look from day to night, changing the eye makeup is all we need to do. However, it can be slightly tricky to master the techniques of eye makeup without the right tools. This is when having a good set of eyeshadow makeup brushes comes into consideration. Whether it’s about a simple smokey eye look or elaborating halo eyes, without the right eye shadow brush both of them might seem a dream.

Here we talk about a few excellent types of eye make up brush and uses to help you decide which one’s right for you.

Blending Brush

Standing first in the list of must-buy brushes, a blending brush is something you will always need. A good blending brush is made with a combination of stable hair and is fine and soft to touch. This type of brush helps you create the transition line in your crease that is essential for all kinds of makeup looks. Also, using a blending brush during the eye makeup causes less fallout, allowing you to create a neat look. This brush is a must-have in your eyeshadow brush set.

Crease Brush

Your eyeshadow brush kit is incomplete without a crease brush. This is because certain looks require a more defined and blended-out crease line. To achieve this effect, you need a blending brush that it pointy towards the top and fluffier in the bottom. These types of eyeshadow brushes give more precision and allows you to create the desired look effortlessly. If you’re looking for a brush that would help you flaunt beautiful cut crease looks every day, this is the right choice for you.

Eye Shadow Setting Brush

These types of eyeshadow brushes are used when you want better payoff from your eyeshadow. Perfect for applying shadow to eyelids, this is a great tool for glittery and shimmery eye makeup looks. The flat shape of this eye make up brush allows you to push the eye shadow on the eyelid and make it last much longer as compared to a regular make up brush. If you’re a fan of metallic and shimmery eyes, this brush should be a part of your eye shadow brush set.

Smudger Brush

Ever wondered how to get those deep-set smokey eyes? It’s just a matter of seconds with this smudger brush. All you need to do is apply some kohl to your lower waterline and upper lashline, go over the lines with a smudger brush a few times, and voila! Your soft and smokey liner is done. Try this with a brown kohl pencil to get an even softer look.

Eyeliner Brush

An eyeliner brush is a must-have for anyone who seeks to achieve that perfect eyeliner look. This brush is designed to give you a sharp, precise line and can also be used to create dramatic graphic liners and wings. If you find yourself struggling with drawing even lines with your eyeliner, this brush will help you in that.

With these brushes in your kit, you would not need any other tool for your eye makeup. At VEGA, you will find multiple types of makeup brushes and make up brush sets that will make blending a breeze. Now no more patchy eyeshadows and crooked liners. Just get your hands on these brushes and let your eyes do the talking!