Fundamentals of Right Blow Drying Routine for All Hair Types

Fundamentals of Right Blow Drying Routine for All Hair Types

Simply grabbing a hair drying machine and blasting heat on the hair doesn’t get you the desired result of fuller-looking and voluminous hair. To get salon-like blow drying results, you need the set of right hair styling tools and the right technique to pull off the right look. The feeling of a fresh blow dry right after the shower that too without breaking the bank is such a wholesome feeling! If you are someone who’s always washing hair and immediately heading out, keep reading this blog to find out how you can turn your hair smooth, bouncy and perfectly curled. Getting spa-like hair at home is bliss and with the right hair dryer in hand, you can re-create the salon-like blowout yourself! Follow the below-given steps to find out the blow drying steps that will save your time and give you real hair goals every day.

What is a Blow Dry Hair Look?

The procedure of blow dry look is a hairstyling process that molds your hair in a specific look. The entire regime to blow dry hair begins with washing hair and scalp making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Always use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair that suits you and then blow dry it the right way. Not following the correct way of blow drying can turn the hair brittle and frizzy hence you should always follow the right technique. There are certain hairstyling tips that one should follow while blow drying hair to save it from getting damaged. 

Tips to Pull off Salon like Blow Dry At Home

Never Skip Using a Heat Protectant 

unisex hair dryer works by using heat hence it is important to protect the hair by applying a heat protectant to the strands before using the dryer. When we are running late for work with damp hair, we skip the step of applying heat serum and directly start using a hair dryer. However, we don’t realize the after-effects of not sealing the delicate hair with heat protection which bears the result later. Whether you are blow drying or styling your mane using a hair pressing machine, it’s always better to apply a few drops of serum as it barely takes some seconds. It is formulated to protect the mane even at the maximum heat temperature. 

Keep the Hair Dryer Away from the Face

While blow-drying hair, one common mistake that people make is to use the dryer directly in front of the face. Consider this as a word of caution to keep the dryer a few inches away while styling the mane. While blow drying is an effective way to achieve quick and desired hair results, it can also lead to heat damage on the skin if you place the dryer close to the face. Moreover blasting hot hair directly on the hair tips can also make its texture brittle. Hence it is recommended to keep the dryer at a distance while using it to dry the wet hair. 

Semi-Dry before Actual Blow Dry

It is compulsory to consider the hair texture and condition of the mane before blow drying. Generally, it is advised to wait for some time till the hair gets partially air-dried before using heat to minimize the heat damage. According to the experts, the hair should be 50-60 percent before you start blow drying. Try to remove as much moisture as you can using a towel and brush the knots before blow drying. Avoid using a blow dryer on sloppy wet hair because it is most prone to damage when wet.

Not Using the Nozzle Attachment of the Dryer

That glamorous feeling we get while stepping out with recently blow-dried hair from the salon is surreal! While trying your hands on the same dryer at home, you don’t get the salon-like results and you probably wonder what went wrong. One possible mistake that we tend to make is keeping the nozzle attachment of the dryer aside. This attachment comes with the hair dryer for a reason that helps to focus the flow of air in the right direction. It helps to seal the cuticle and leaves the hair shiny and frizz-free.

Next time you take out your Hair-Dryer, follow these tips to get a salon-worthy blow dry at home itself!