Facebook Pixel Get Smooth and Frizz-Free Looking Hair Using Straightening Brush

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Get Smooth and Frizz-Free Looking Hair Using Straightening Brush

Get Smooth and Frizz-Free Looking Hair Using Straightening Brush

Smooth Hair

To all the girls out there, we know how bad frizz can go on our hair. Whether it’s curly, straight, or wavy, every hair type tends to develop frizz and tangles. Hair that is prone to frizziness often becomes frustrating while styling or smoothing. The slightest hint of moisture between the hair locks can become the sole reason for sleek locks turning wavy again. For all those who struggle with frizziness, hair becoming rough leave no stone unturned but sometimes nothing seems to work in their favor.

Waking up to hair full of tangles and frizz is the last thing a girl wants and that’s why you need a hair styling tool that promises to detangle, smoothen and straighten your hair altogether. We are talking about none other than Hair Straightening Brush which is too good to be true but they do all the justice to their name by brushing and straightening hair simultaneously. And before you rush to buy one for yourself, here are a few things that you should know about using a Hair Straightening Brush.

What Does Hair Straightening Brush Do?


As the name indicates, Hair Straightening Brush works like a usual Hair Brush but other than detangling the knots, it also straightens the hair locks. The bristles of the Hair Straightening Brush have heating elements along with a cord that plugs in the power connection. This tool smoothens and tames down the frizz in your hair and glides evenly and adds shine.

How to Use a Hair Straightening Brush with Ease?

Wash Your Hair and Allow It to Dry Fully

The golden rule that every girl should follow for stunning and fabulous hair is to wash it first to get rid of all the piled-up dirt, grime, and scalp build-up. After the washing step, conditioning the strands help to tame the frizz and helps with the better working of hair styling tools. After the wash and go step, let the hair strands get dried up fully before you start using a hair straightening brush. It is always a good idea to avoid using heat tools on wet hair as the cuticles are often sensitive and heat doesn’t work on the damp hair.

Comb or Brush the Hair

As soon as wet hair slowly starts getting dried, the locks turn into knots and tangles. Hence before gliding any heat tool, take a detangler hair comb or a Paddle Hair Brush to remove all the tangles and knots. Next apply a hair protectant to your hair for settling the stubborn hair that turns frizzy, to lock in the shine and block humidity. Follow all these steps before using a Hair Straightening Brush.

Section Your Hair before Styling

The secret to perfectly smoothened hair locks is styling them in sections. Depending upon the thickness and volume of your hair, divide your hair into different sections and then style one at a time. Parting your hair ensures none of the strands go unnoticed. For uniform styling and a better finish, pin-up all the hair on top with sectioning clips and leave one section below to work on.

Switch on the Straightening Brush

Switch on the Straightening Brush and set it to the right temperature. As the brush gets heated up, start brushing from the roots and moving to the ends. Glide the brush gently on the strands in one single direction and brush in the outward direction for more volume. Avoid brushing the same section again and again as it can lead to heat damage. Unpin the next hair section and repeat the same process on every part till the whole hair gets smoothened.

Just apply some finishing touch to the hair in the end and you are ready to flaunt your shiny, straight, and voluminous hair.