Give your Hair the Natural Conditioning of Henna with the Right Guide

Give your Hair the Natural Conditioning of Henna with the Right Guide

In the last few years, there has been a sudden surge in people getting their hair colored, be it professionally in salons or by using henna at home. But before experimenting with the original hair color people often get apprehensive about using any organic or chemical product to change the hair color. The art of hair coloring is quite old and people from ancient times used plant leaves to color their hair by extracting the liquid from crushed leaves. With time the concept of hair coloring revolutionized and people are now opting to use instant henna available in the market to add some color to their mane.

Henna is the most popular all-natural dye to be used for at-home coloring. Apart from naturally coloring the hair, henna also strengthens the hair, conditions, nourishes the scalp and that too from deep within. And if you are also thinking to apply henna to your hair then refer to this guide to find out more on how to apply henna and the amazing benefits of applying it.

How to Apply Henna in Hair?

Prep the Henna before Applying 

Most of the times we use henna powder to color our hair and for that, you need to soak it overnight. Next morning, pour the henna powder into a bowl, mix an adequate amount of water and mix it well. If you are confused about how much henna should you use, always consider the thickness and the texture of your hair. To get that extra red color, you can mix coffee powder along with the mehndi powder, stir the mixture and cover it with a lid. 

Make Sure Your Hair is Clean before Application

People often ask what should they do to their hair before applying henna? As henna works conventionally different from its other hair dyes, hence the only way to prep hair before application is simply to keep it clean. By clean we mean, hair should be dry, non-oily and grease-free, should have a clean scalp free from all types of dirt build-up. For getting the best color coverage, it is important to begin with squeaky clean hair and for doing that, simply wash your hair with shampoo.

Comb Your Hair to Entangle the Knots and Divide the Hair into Sections

Now after washing your hair, make sure it gets dried and then start applying the henna. If you are in a jiffy, you can use a Hair Drying Machine to dry your hair and then use a wide-teethed comb to tame the frizz and flyways. Now divide the hair in several sections to evenly apply the henna on every tip and in the roots. Take one section of hair from the topmost layer and use the Mehndi Dye Brush and start applying the henna from the roots and moving to the tips. Tie the hair section using a pin and repeat the same step on every hair section. 

Wrap the Hair in Bun

As you move from section to section, once you have applied henna thoroughly to the entire hair, now wrap up the sections in a bun. Use a hair clip to secure the hair properly so that henna does not stain your clothes. Allow the paste to get dry for a few hours and then wash off with a sulfate-free shampoo and clean water. The hair color will start reflecting in a day or two.

Benefits of Using Henna for Hair

  • Henna is a go-to ingredient for keeping the scalp clean and conditioned. The anti-fungal formula of henna helps in cleaning the scalp and removes every type of build-up like dandruff and cures the concerns like scalp itchiness.
  • Applying Henna also helps in keeping issues like PH level and oil production at bay. If your hair is oily or greasy then using this product restores the normal functioning of hair’s natural oil production. 
  • Apart from fixing the scalp and also balancing the PH level, using henna also stimulates hair growth, improves the texture and induces shine and smoothness. 
  • Our hair is always exposed to pollution and bad weather condition which makes it rough and brittle. Applying henna works as a conditioning agent to smoothen the frizz, eliminating split-ends and leaving behind the glossy shine. 

And that’s all! Simply follow these basic and simple steps to apply henna and get instant colored tresses naturally at home.