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Gorgeous Makeup Ideas to Get Ready this Valentine's Day

Gorgeous Makeup Ideas to Get Ready this Valentine's Day

Isn’t the season of love already here? Of course! Love is in the air and we are super excited celebrate the D-day! Be it for your beloved partner, or your parents, your pet or oneself; it’s about showering love and a lil’ pampering to ourselves. Since a special day calls for a special getup, you must be pondering what exactly can be done on this day of love. Not to worry, as we are here to help you in the process, so that you neither overdo nor go unnoticed on the special day.

Sometimes Valentine’s Day makeup may seem too overwhelming a task. With the ever-changing styles and latest trend in makeup, it becomes all the more confusing to get an attractive makeup look at home. Therefore, let us present you some really simple makeup ideas and looks that you can follow for the day. Make sure you are ready with your makeup brush kit for flawless make up look.

1. Let the lashes do the talking


This Valentine’s Day, let your expressive eyes do the magic. Get an attractive eye makeup with dark pigmented eye liner or eye kohl using a tailor-made eye liner brush followed by an eye lash curler for longer curly lashes. Use light golden or rose gold eye shadow that does the job of imparting that appealing and warm look to your eyes. In case your lashes are too thin or nearly there, you can use false eyelashes to make a statement. Make sure to trim it down to the standard size so that it doesn’t look obvious. This look goes best for an evening date or a dinner rendezvous.

2. Highlighter for Glowing Face

Valentine’s is more of an evening thing and hence, your makeup should definitely glow in the dark. Get a highlighter that matches your skin tone well. Create a glowing look by applying it on the apple of the cheek, bridge of the nose and under the eye brow bone to get that sparkling face. Get a wholesome makeup brush set to achieve best results. This is one of the easiest and smartest makeup ideas that looks rich with very little effort. This look is kind of goes with any hour and makes you stand out from the rest.

3. Lips to kill

Bold red lips can never go wrong for a day like Valentines’. Try a natural dewy makeup look for the lunch date coupled with a bold lip color. Honestly, this has to be one of the most drool-worthy looks for the season. Go for a light foundation coverage to portray a naturally shiny skin. Finish the look with a very light peach or pink blush on the cheeks and nose. Ace this look for an evening drink date with your muse.

4. Nude magic for face


For a natural yet glowy makeup, nude shades do the best job. Nude shades tend to blend easily with the face color and imparts a natural yet glamorous look. Apply a soft matte foundation to begin with using a foundation brush. Use a shimmery nude eyeshadow to apply on the inner corners of your eyes. This gets you a beautiful highlighted look. End it with a nice nude lip color that is only twice darker than your lip color. This is one of the handpicked looks for lunch meet.

5. Sparkling vibes

If you have light eye color, this one’s definitely for you. Sparkling golden or silver eyes are the statement makers of youthful glamour. Keep the whole makeup neutral except the eyes that should be sparkling like a star, use a good eye makeup brush for the same. Pair it up with nude brown lip shade. This tends to draw all the focus on your beautiful overall look. Pull this look off at night and shine all the way.