Guide on How to Grow Beard

A family function, an important work meeting, a date - name any occasion, and you know that a good beard will help you stand out.

But if you are skeptical about growing one because you do not know how to grow a beard, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Read on and follow this step by step guide to learn how to grow a beard and maintain it:

How to Grow a Beard

Step 1: Pre-Beard

The first step to growing the beard from the tips is to understand that it will take about six weeks for any beard to grow. You need to decide what type of beard style will be best for you. Even if you are unable to grow a thick beard, that’s fine. No one can control genetics, right? If you are unable to grow a full beard, you can opt for a goatee, chin curtain- whichever suits your beard growth pattern. Regardless of your choice in the type of beard, the steps for growing one are all the same.

Step2: Initial Phase

Out of all the beard tips, this one is primarily essential. Once you start the initial beard growing journey, make sure that you do not shape it prematurely. In the beginning, your beard might look scruffy or scraggly. Do not attempt to clean that up. Avoid this mistake as it often ends up in awkwardly shaped beards.

But sometimes you must clean a bit. At that time, go in with the idea of trimming as little as possible. Make sure that you continue to take care of your face with a facial care routine. It should be a part of your grooming regime. You will be able to prevent itchiness, ingrown hair, and irritation as the beard grows in.

Step 3: Growing Phase

A lot of itchiness often accompanies the growing phase. It is so because your face is accustomed to shaving without any facial hair covering it. With time, your face will get used to the growing beard, and this phase will pass. Use a face moisturizer to soothe the skin. And once you have got a decent amount of hair on your face, you can use beard oil on it to reduce itchiness. Remember that whatever you do, don’t cave in and shave!

Step 4: Beard Care and Maintenance

Once your beard has grown to a decent length, it’s time to groom it. If you are fretting about how to groom a beard, it is an easy task.

One hack is washing your beard many times. Most guys do not do that, but it is vital to get the perfect looking beard. When you wash it, avoid using a soap bar. It is a bad idea as you will dry out your beard and the skin underneath it.  Instead, apply shampoo and that too at least a few times a week. Follow up with good beard oil after it is dry.

Another crucial factor for beard maintenance is trimming your beard from time to time. We recommend that you trim it after every four weeks. It will keep your beard healthy. Opt for an electric beard trimmer and trim the edges of your beard.

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Step 5: Beard Products

Apart from the moisturizer and beard oil, you must have a beard comb and a brush. Make sure that you comb your beard regularly. You can opt for a boar’s brush. The hair of the brush draws dust easily. It also stimulates the natural oil present in the scalp and draws it along the hair shaft. This way, you can keep your beard clean, shiny, and protected at all times.

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