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Hair Curling 101 for Beginners

Voluminous, shiny curls are the best way to glam up your look. And, to get those salon-fresh bouncy curls or perfectly imperfect waves at home, you need the best hair curler.

While curling your hair might seem like an easy task, there are little things that you could be doing wrong. Also, it might be keeping you from enjoying near-effortless carefree curling. So, look at the below-mentioned pointers to curl your hair like a pro:

  • A curling wand or rod

Whether you opt for iron or a wand, try to look for an appliance that is made of ceramic. Our Smooth Curl Hair Curler VHCH-03 employs ceramic coating technology that creates smooth curls. You must avoid buying curlers with tourmaline technology since they are more likely to cause damage to your hair.

  • Heat Protectant

You can opt for a spray, leave-in conditioner, or hair oil. Applying a heat protectant is essential before curling your hair. It shields your hair from damage from hot styling tools so you can enjoy healthy, frizz-free curls.

  • A Hairbrush

To ensure a smooth and painless styling experience, run a hairbrush through your hair, and detangle your locks.

  • Hair Sectioning Clips

With sectioning clips, you can pin up small or large sections of hair seamlessly. Especially it is a must when you are trying to curl a hard-to-reach part of your hair.

  • Hairspray

It is the not-so-secret weapon for locking your curls in place for a long time. For naturally straight hair, even the best hair curling machine is not enough. A hairspray enables you to preserve your hairstyle without losing natural movement, texture, and shine. It prevents the curls from going limp.

You can follow this method of curling your hair and try distinctive styles:

Method: The Wavy Wrap and Go

With this foolproof technique, you can get classic curls using the best hair curling tool. It will enable you to customize it to your liking easily. Brush them out for soft waves, tousle your fingers through them for beach waves or pin the hair back for a textured updo.

Step1: Prep Your Hair and Apply a Protectant

Detangle your hair with a hairbrush. You can check out our extensive range of hairbrushes. Then, apply the hair protectant on your hair before styling. Make sure to check whether the protectant is designed for wet or dry hair before using it.

Step2: Section the Hair

Take one side of your hair and tie it in a ponytail. On the side where your hair is free, create a horizontal part just above your ear and clip up the top half. Then, vertically split the bottom half into two sections, clipping away either the front or back section.

For long hair, it can be a difficult process. But, our Long Curl Hair Curler VHCH-04 with its long barrel of 210mm length is ideal for faster styling results. You can wrap the longer strands of your hair in one set around its 22mm diameter barrel.

Step3: Curl and Spray

Grab a one-inch section of the hair from the leftover section. Hold the curler horizontally and wrap the section you are curling around the wand.

If you want waves or loose curls, hold each curl on the wand for a few seconds. Then, release it from the iron.

We at Vega offer the best hair curler which enables you to create instant, glamorous curls in no time.

Step4: Clip Your Curl for Maximum Hold

If your hair is not susceptible to hold curls well, cup the coiled curl with your hands while it cools to lock it into the new shape. For tighter curls, you can also pin them to your head to allow them to set.

Step5: Continue the Process

Repeat the process throughout all the sections of your hair. Ensure alternating between curling one-piece forward (towards the face) and the next backward (away from the face) for a natural look.

Step6: Let it Cool and Then Customize Your Curls

After the curls have cooled down, unpin and let them fall free. Now, you can try different ways and style them.

If you want a voluminous, softer look, you can brush through your curls. A wide-tooth paddle brush will help create for volume.

Step7: Set Your Style

Add a final light mist of hairspray on your hair to lock in the hairstyle.

Tame Your Curls with Ease

We at Vega, provide the best hair curlers a girl can have. Explore our website and choose your pick. They are comfortable and hassle-free to use and come to a clamp design for beautiful curls. Our hair curling appliances will help you create healthy and glamorous curls in no time. You can wrap up your hair around the barrel and use the clamp to hold your hair and have natural curls without any kinks.

Create healthy and luscious curls in no time with the best curling iron!