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Hair Curling Mistakes that You Need to Stop Making Today

Hair Curling Mistakes that You Need to Stop Making Today

We all are grateful for the hair styling tools that give us so many options to explore in hair styling. Any day if you get bored of your straight hair then flatter yourself with magical curls that can be created instantly using a Hair Curler. Looking after natural curls is a tedious job, but creating artificial curls using Hair Curler is equally challenging. Styling your hair without damaging or breaking them is a touchy job and even professionals stay cautious while using heat styling tools. Hairstyling has become convenient at home with the help of user-friendly tools; still a lot of people are unaware of the real tricks as to how to curl their hair. And here are some life-changing hacks you will ever find to give your frizzy hair gorgeous curls using VEGA Hair Curler.

Hair Curling Mistakes to Avoid From Today

Skipping the Use of Hair Serum or Protectant

No matter at what temperature you use Hair Stylers , hair cuticles are always exposed to heat and might damage the strands. And not using any protective layer on hair is not the right call. Even before you think of giving heat to your hair, apply the serum on the tips and roots so that it acts as a barrier between the hair strands and the heat tool. For convenience, you can prefer using a spray bottle as it helps in an equal distribution.

Setting the Hair Curler on Maximum Temperature

A very common myth related to hairstyling is that maximum heat temperature gives the finest hair result. The temptation of exposing hair to the maximum heat for straightening or curling is never sensible because it ruins the hair quality very swiftly. However, if you still wish to curl your hair and don’t want to use too much heat on hair then prefer using VEGA Hair Curler that comes with different temperature settings that help to adjust the temperature.

Picking the Wrong Hair Curler

We usually don’t realize this but there are varieties of hair curls that can be created with the help of hair curlers. And depending upon the type of curls you fascinate by, VEGA has a diverse range of hair curlers that come with different diameters of barrels. With each barrel, you can create different types of curls from loose curls to tight curls and even spiral curls. Hence next time you don’t get the desired curls with the curler you use, explore the divergent range of VEGA curlers.

Curling in the Wrong Direction

If you are curling your hair the right way but still not getting the desired curls then maybe you are using the curler the wrong way. For natural curls, never curl in the direction of the face or else locks as outcomes are too tight. Similarly, for fine and tight curls make sure to curl the hair locks in the same direction. For a wavy and natural finish, you can choose to curl each section into a different direction.

Not using Hair Spray

For someone who has got frizzy and wavy hair, often hair locks don’t long last despite making every amend. One of the very obvious reasons related to this is not using hair spray that keeps the locks held for a longer duration. Just like the hair serum, hair spray is equally important for maintaining the locks for a longer duration.

And that’s all! Next time you try using VEGA hair styler tools for curling, remember the following pointers.