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Here's How to Crimp Your Hair at Home

Here's How to Crimp Your Hair at Home

If you think that crimped hair was just reserved for the nineties and #TBT - think again!  Crimped hair has made a comeback this year, and we couldn't be happier! Learning how to crimp hair is super easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. To begin, you would need to invest in a good hair crimper, and you are ready to go!

How to Crimp Hair?

So, if you want to let your inner Baby Spice roam wildly, then follow our step-by-step tutorial below on how to crimp hair. Trust us on this! You'll be ready in no time to rock n' roll!

  1. Choose the Right Crimper

Much like any other hairstyling and personal care appliances, you must buy a hair crimper that suits your hair type. For example, if you buy a hair crimper for stubborn and thick tresses then it won’t produce the same result on fine and sleek hair.

Therefore, it is essential to pick the right crimper to quickly and accurately style your tresses without any burns or damage. It is important to understand that you must buy an apt hair crimper before learning how to crimp hair.

  1. Shampoo Your Hair

While many hairstyles suggest working day-old washed hair, crimping your hair isn’t one of those styles. You need freshly washed tresses for this voluminous hairdo to look the most flattering. Clean your mane to give it a little boost and oomph with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

Never forget to dry your hair with a hairdryer after washing because if you attempt to style your wet or damp tresses, there is a substantial risk that the hair crimper will burn and ruin them beyond repair.

  1. Apply Heat Protectant

Now that your tresses are fully washed, conditioned, and dried, it's time to spray on a generous amount of heat protecting spray to shield them from the high heat you're going to use. It is an important step to know while understanding how to crimp hair. Not only does a heat protector shield your precious tresses from burning, but it also helps to build an excellent framework for the upcoming styling session.

  1. Brush Your Manes

First, you must extract any knots and tangles from your hair so that they are sleek and smooth to construct that beautiful zig-zag pattern you want so much. During styling, tangles create a barrier and produce breakage when the heat is applied to them while using a hair crimper.

To untangle your hair locks, use a wide-toothed brush, and prepare for crimping. It is a necessary step to follow when learning how to use a crimping iron. When you're finished detangling your hair, it's time to start breaking your hair into many smaller sections so that you can not only crimp your mane faster but also ensure that the crinkles are shaped perfectly.

Also, don't forget to secure the sectioned parts with clips when styling.

  1. Prep Your Hair Crimper

Now it's time to bring the crimping iron into motion after you've prepared your tresses and understand how to crimp hair. To do so, clean the heating plates so that there are no remaining traces of styling product left.

Then, plug it into the electric point and set the temperature to the lowest setting to ensure that your soft tresses don’t burn. Let the crimping iron warm-up for 3-5 minutes before using it for styling.

  1. Crimp Away

Once your hair is primed, now it's time to crimp your hair creating the perfect waves and bends you've always desired. Begin at the roots. Take a small part of your hair (preferably a 1-inch section), gently clamp the iron down, get as close as possible to the scalp without burning it. To create flawless crinkle patterns, hold the tool in place for 3-5 seconds before releasing the clamp.

To build a uniform and consistent look, continue crimping down the length of your hair. Slide the crimper down to crimp the length, similar to the roots, after releasing the roots. To prevent any gaps between the waves, try to overlap the crimper over the last crimp you made.

Repeat this method for the rest of your hair to ensure that you have the most stunning, voluminous crimped hair that you have ever flaunted.

Now that you know how to crimp hair at home, it's time for you to try and flaunt this awesome hairstyle like never before. You can check out hair crimpers and other personal care appliances from premium brands like Vega and get them delivered to your doorstep. Check out the Vega online store and order yours today!