Here's How to Straighten Hair for That Chic Sleek Look

Here's How to Straighten Hair for That Chic Sleek Look

If there's one hairstyle that can go effortlessly with all kinds of outfits, it has to be the all-chic, sleek and straightened hair. Not only does straight hair add a lot of definition and structure to your face, but it also enhances your face cut to a great extent. Moreover, sleek, straight hair brings a poised and sophisticated touch to your ensemble, making you look much more put-together.

However, visiting a salon each time you wish to rock this look can be inconvenient (and not to mention expensive). This is why fashion-lovers are now investing in hair styling products in order to get manageable, stylish hair at home. But, while getting a salon-style finish at home is easy, it requires you to have a few tricks, up your sleeve – ones that will allow you to get perfectly straight and smooth hair in a matter of minutes.

Let's take a look at a few of these steps to explain how to straighten hair at home.

# 1 Blow Dry Your Hair First

If you're wondering how to make your hair straight, the first thing you should try is blow-drying your hair before straightening. You would have noticed that a professional hair styler at a salon always blow-dries your hair before going over with a hair straightener. This helps eliminate frizz and make your hair much more manageable.

To do this, take a round hairbrush and glide it on your hair in rapid motions. Next, point your hairdryer towards the scalp and keep moving it along with the brush. This step is all the more important for people with thick or curly hair, as it straightens it out to a great extent, allowing your hair straightener to work more effectively.

# 2 Work on Small Sections at a Time

If you have thick and dense hair, here’s how to use a hair straightener for getting the best results. First, divide your hair into four sections. Next, secure the sections with the help of a section clip. Further, divide the section into smaller strands and glide a pre-heated VEGA hair straightener on each strand. Repeat the same process on all the sections.

Working on smaller sections at a time allows your hair straightener to supply even heat all across the surface area of your hair and ensure that your hair stays straight and set for longer.

# 3 Go for Gradual, Steady Motions

Whenever you straighten your hair, you must always go in slow and steady motions to allow your hair straightener to set the hair in place. How much time you spend on each section largely depends on the quality of your hair and would become clear to you after a few tries.

# 4 Go for a Ceramic Hair Straightener

Now that you have understood how to straighten hair with straightener, you must also understand how to choose the right device for the task. The first thing to consider is the material of the plate. Ceramic is one of the best materials to go for when it comes to hair straighteners as it provides an even supply of heat and reduces heat damage.

We hope that these tips will come in handy and help you understand how to make your hair straight at home by using VEGA straighteners.

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