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Here’s What Our Pick Of The Best Wedding Gifts Look Like

Here’s What Our Pick Of The Best Wedding Gifts Look Like

When we get invited on weddings, the first thing that comes to our mind is the way we will be dressing up or presenting ourselves in the wedding. Little do we realize that gifts constitute the most important part of the wedding scenario. This leads to confusion creeping in at the eleventh hour and eventually we end with a very generic gift for the couple, something which won’t even be worth remembering. Considering this fact, Vega is here to assist you with gifts that are curated and tailormade for the wedding season.

Who doesn’t love styling and personal care appliances? Those are high utility products that can never be generalized as normal gifts and are always distinctly valued. Styling or grooming appliances are always a very thoughtful gifting idea for either bride or groom which is surely not passed down to someone else afterwards. If you know what we mean! You must be wondering that one single grooming or styling appliance won’t make up for such a big wedding ceremony. Well, let us list down Vega’s ultimate styling kits specially designed for gifting to spare you the headache of picking the best and making a kit on your own.

1. Duo Hair Styler Set

This is a set of two most demanding styling appliances, a hair straightener and a hair curler. This attractive black and gold kit named Miss Dazzle Styling Set is a perfect gifting item for a beautiful bride. The high-quality ceramic coated straightener and expert hair curler imparts perfect style at home. The ultra-light weight of both the stylers makes it a very convenient option for daily usage as well as carrying. This has to be one of the most affordable options for gifting this wedding season. Since after the wedding, the bride has to attend a number of function wherein she would be required to carry different hair styles, this hair styler set would definitely not be missed by her.

2. Trio Styler Set

The most desirable set containing the best stylers of Vega, Miss Versatile Styling Set stands out as one of the best gifts for the loving bride on her big day as well for the groom. The set includes 1000W quick hair dryer both for bride & the groom with 2 heat speed setting and a foldable handle, a hair straightener comes with ceramic coated plates, and lastly, a high-performance hair curler with 125 mm barrel length for perfect/ bouncy curls. All the three appliances are super easy and comfortable to use at home as they are light weight and delivers amazing result. If you have it in your mind to gift something wholesome to the bride & groom, this is the one kit you are looking for.

3. The Super Sassy Twin Combo

This Vega Hair Styling Kit is super affordable and is one of the bestsellers in the online as well as offline market. Given its high-utility and light-weight design along with a very attractive packaging, this kit is solely made for gifting purpose. Not just weddings, but birthdays and anniversaries also come into the list for gifting this cute set of stylers. It includes a hair dryer that allows quick drying with 1000W & plus a hair straightener with ceramic coated plates for sleek straight hair and. Rest assured that this gift would definitely not be kept aside. Another perk to add to this kit is its travel friendliness for its compact size and easy storage.

4. A Lil’ Pampering For The Groom


You know if the groom is closer to you than the bride, the gift can’t be any less meaningful than that of the bride. Hence, we have got your covered for that matter. The new Vega Men 11-in-1 Multi-Grooming Set is a star to begin with. This 11 in 1 set includes stainless steel blades for super-fine trimming- precision trimmer, design trimmer, shaver, nose trimmer, body trimmer and lastly 5 comb attachments to style at ease and get salon-like result. This is one of the best pick for gifting the groom on his big day.

5. The Best Kit For The D-day

Supposedly, the wedding you are attending is of a special friend, or someone who is very close to you, you know the gift can’t be something normal. This is where Vega styler combo steps in as the showstopper of the season. It includes Vega 3-in-1 hair styler & Insta Glam Foldable 1000 W hair dryer. Vega 3-in-1 hair styler is awarded the best hair styler that includes all three stylers in one, namely-straightener, curler and crimper. A revolutionary styling tool that allows you to style your hair according to your wish anytime, anywhere. Along with this wonder styler, the kit contains Insta Glam Hair Dryer that facilitates 1000W quick drying for both bride and the groom. This kit is our personal pick for the grand wedding season.


It's always nice to get something which is unique and different, which would not lie in the corners of the wardrobe or be passed down to someone else. It’s high time to move away from the quintessential garments and crockeries as wedding gift to something which will actually be put to use. Gift something for which you will be remembered every time one uses it. This is why we have curated some of most useful as well as thoughtful products above for you to not go haywire while picking a nice gift for the couple on their big day.