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Hot Curl Brush: Your True Friend on Perfect Blow Drying

Hot Curl Brush: Your True Friend on Perfect Blow Drying

If you have been carrying Straight hair for a long time and now want to take a break from those poker-straight locks then maybe need a hair makeover! And to get the new hairstyle that matches the latest hair trend, there are ample of options available. Those who are blessed with naturally curled tresses might not acknowledge what they are blessed with, but curly locks for sure turn the heads and leave people in awe.

 And getting those dreamy beach waves or spiral curls, a curler is never enough. Be it a quick blow dry or styling your hair in curls, Hot Curl Brush is another hair styling companion that you need. Easy to use for both at home and in the salon, a hot curler brush is exactly what you need to add volume and curls to your hair while giving it a blow-dry!

What is The Right Way to Use a Hot Curling Brush?

Choose the Right Brush

More the options, bigger is the confusion. Hair styling tools have different varieties and options available. And hot curl brush is a must-have product while styling your hair in all ways possible. And hot curl brushes come in different designs depending upon which hairstyle are you picking. VEGA Hot Curl Brush can be used for all hair types to give instant blow dry and to add volume to fine hair. The heat activate coating ensures even heat distribution that sets every single section and this is what exactly every hair fanatic needs. Hence choose your hairbrush wisely!

Wash and Condition your Hair

Hairstyling works best if the hair is oil and grease-free and so is the scalp. Hence it is always advised to pick hair styling on freshly shampooed hair only! For those with fine hair tips, should use hair shampoo and conditioner that has Voluminizing elements. Also never skip the after the step of washing hair which is conditioning as it retains moisture in the hair.

Towel Dry Your Hair

Before you start exposing your hair to the heat of hair Stylers, it is very important to towel dry your hair. If you start using hair styling tools on wet hair, it might not work. Once you dry up your hair, comb the locks and detangle all the knots or else brush might not glide well on the locks.

Plug in the Hair Curler

Use a hair protectant before using heat on the hair and turn on the hair styling tool. You can use the hot curl brush while styling your hair in any way possible but it works best if you are giving your hair a blow-dry or curling with a hair curler. Take one section of hair and then start from the tip. Now wrap the hair section around the barrel ensuring the hair is getting even heat distribution.

Leave the Brush for 5 Seconds

To avoid any bums, make sure to leave the brush for at least 5 seconds and then carefully unwrapping your hair. Last but not the least, seal your curls with the help of a hair spray.

And that’s all you need to know to flaunt your bouncy curls with VEGA Hot Curl Hair Brush that has a double set of bristles to give instant curls of your choice. Go order now!