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How to Ace Different Types of Hair Curls Using a hair Curling Iron

How to Ace Different Types of Hair Curls Using a hair Curling Iron

Not everyone is blessed with the beauty of curly hair. Most of us straight-haired women desire so hard to wake up one fine morning only to find head full of voluminous curls. But again, it’s just a dream not that easy to fulfil. There is but occasions on which we can design our hair just the way we like and most of us would definitely go for curls to begin with. But do you know you can get that natural curly hair at home on normal days as well?

Most often we choose salons to style our hair and what we get is often not that great. Of course on normal days we can’t rush to a salon early in the morning. Suppose you have a very important meeting wherein you need to maintain proper look or maybe a random date where you know curls can win your guy’s heart a little more, what do you do? You deserve to look unique even on normal days without the help of a styling expert! So, let go off your worries, as a normal hair curling iron at home can get you some of the best natural looking curls anytime. You might surely wonder how? Let us elaborate some of the best hair curling techniques for everyday styling.

1. The timeless classic curl




This has to be one of the favorite types of curl as it is by far the easiest. All you need to do is normally wrap your hair around the curling barrel. You need to make sure there less spaces in between the wraps around the barrel. You can take a broad chunk of hair strand if your hair type is thin or normal. Hold each strand for about 10-15 seconds so that it’s warmed up inside out. Release the curl slowly into your palm and you can witness a classic curl coming out, perfect for quick dinner dates or maybe a meeting. We recommend you Ease Curl Hair Curler for this process.

2. The natural curls

The beginning of this process is pretty similar to that of classic curls. Take a section of your hair and wrap the upper/top part of the strand away from the barrel and hold it for few seconds. Now take the remaining part of your strand and curl it towards your face. The reason behind this alternative curling is to create a natural looking curl that doesn’t follow a certain direction. Release the curl into your palm and hold it for few seconds before completely releasing it. This hairstyle can be done with any dress or attire.

3. Solid Tight Curls

You can use your normal curler to get tight curls that get you a very glamorous look for attending a wedding or maybe a grand party. This time you need to take smaller section of hair, wrap it around the barrel. In this process, you need to make sure that there is visible space between the wraps. In case, you have long hair, the process might take a bit long as you can’t wrap around the entire strand at a time. Not to worry as you can simply curl the top part of the sections first, release it gently and then go with curling other half of the strands. Don’t worry about the time as this hair style is totally worth it. To amplify the look, get a bow at the back or side clips.

4. The Twisted Curls




Take a small section of your hair and twist it nicely away from your face. Hold the twist and wrap it tightly around the barrel. Release after 15 seconds into your palm and let it cool for a moment. What you will witness is a natural looking beachy waves straight from the books of folklore. We would like to recommend you Vega Smart Hair Curler for best results. It goes best with flowy dresses or long frocks.

5. Loose Wave For Quick Curls

This hairstyle is perfect when you are in a rush as you only need to work on bigger strands. Yes, you can achieve beautiful flowy waves with just a curling Iron. To begin with, you can take a thick strand and wrap it around the barrel. As you begin curling, don’t hold the strand just in one place, create a slight rolling motion up and down. Achieve super gorgeous waves in no time. Therefore, if you are running late, you know which curl to pick now!

Has life been pretty hectic lately? And you don’t get enough time for self-grooming? We hear you! As much as we ignore it, self-grooming and self-care is an important part that shapes our very personality along with our appearance. Apart from making you look good, it also makes you feel better and confident. Therefore, if you really want it, you can easily fetch some time for yourself. With Vega’s modern curling tools, it takes no time to get those beautiful curls you have been desiring to achieve. Therefore, grab your Vega curler today and get the hair of your dreams right at home.