How to Choose a Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

How to Choose a Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

Doesn't matter if you are a blowout whizz or just prefer to rough-dry and go, achieving smooth and silky hair isn't a problem when you have hair dryers.

Hairdryers are a crucial part of the daily routine for a lot of people. Not just they minimize hair drying time by nearly 80 percent but, also help in curling and straightening your hair. Though there is an array of hair dryers online, however, which one will suit your hair type still remains a question.

To know how to choose a hair dryer, the first thing that you must understand is the types of hair dryers available in the market. There are two primary types of hair dryers out there that promise a perfect blow-out session causing minimal damage to your hair:

  • Ionic Hair Dryers

The ionic hair dryers come with a built-in ion generator that develops negative ions and make the drying process faster and gentler on your hair. The negatively charged ions created further neutralize static produced by positive ions and flatten the flyaways. With the use of ionic hair dryers, you enable the moisture to seal in and flatten the cuticles, making your hair silky and shiny.


  • Ceramic Hair Dryers

The ceramic coating inside, which helps spread the heat uniformly, is the crucial advantage of ceramic hair dryers. To ensure that the least amount of heat is used during the drying process, these hair dryers sense the room temperature and regulate the heat accordingly, leading to a fast drying time and less overall harm.


Though ceramic hair dryers are great for heat reduction and drying time acceleration, they do not generate as many negative ions as ionic hair dryers. Other than this, ceramic hair dryers are more expensive than regular hair dryers but less than ionic hair dryers.

Once you have understood the types of hair dryers available, next in line is to know how to choose a hair dryer as per your hair type.

How to Choose The Best Hair Dryer 

Now that we've gone through the technology differences, let's outline which one is better for you according to your type of hair:

  1. Thick/Frizzy Hair

You know the hardships of waiting hours for your hair to air dry and carrying the wet hair wherever you go. However, now, you can cut down the hair drying time with an ionic hair dryer option. The ionic hair dryer dries dense and curly hair in no time while also avoiding frizz.

  1. Thin Hair

If you have flat and thin hair, you are probably looking to add volume and thickness when blow-drying or styling them. A general misconception is that high heat is required to dry hair, but in the style and bounce department, extreme heat will not only harm thin hair but also do a little for your overall hair. Thus, it is best to utilize a ceramic hair dryer that styles and smoothens your hair while controlling the heat levels to avoid damage and promote life in your tresses.

  1. Fine Hair

For those with fine hair strands, a hair dryer with an adjustable heat setting is crucial as it soaks up the heat much, unlike in thicker hair strands. To achieve a fast-drying period with as little heat as possible, find the right balance between the temperature settings. If you feel like you need to increase the heat, try to increase airflow. 


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