How to Choose the Right Beard for Your Face

How to Choose the Right Beard for Your Face

Want to take your beard game up to the next level? However, before you begin, it is important to have the right appliances.

You can explore beard trimmers and men’s grooming kits from our collection of thoughtfully curated products that will help you get the right beard for your face. You will find a range of products such as beard trimmers and shavers to ensure you have all you need to get the right beard for your face and without much effort.

Choosing the Right Beard for Your Face

Do you know what the ultimate aim of beard or mustache styling is? It is to add contrast to your face!

Different face shapes are known to highlight different facial features, and thus, it is crucial to remember that not all face types are the same. If you think what suits your friend might work for you, you should know that the same beard style is not suitable for all.

Not every beard style looks great on every guy, making it more important to figure out the right beard for your face. However, if it is challenging for you to figure out which beard type is right for you, here’s how you can choose the right style for your face.

  1. Square Face Styles

If you have a square face type, you are blessed with well-defined cheek outlines that can look amazing. If you are searching for the right beard for your face, you will be delighted to know that there are many ways to style a square face. Choosing the right beard for the face will give you that sophisticated look, given your groom and maintain it properly.

Square-faced peeps should keep their beard short on the sides and fuller on the chin areas to complement the jawline. For the same, you can use a beard trimmer for men to draw sharp and precise lines close to the cheekbones. Here are some of the best styles for square faces that might help you get the right beard for face:

  • Royale Beard-Moustache anchored to the chin strap.
  • Circle Beard- A tiny chin patch and a mustache forming a circle.
  • Goatee- A small beard elongating along the chin line.


  1. Oval or Long Face Styles

Choosing beard styles for long faces or oval faces is no big deal. Both oval and long face types can fit into most beard styles flawlessly. Whether you are going for a hipster look or stubble, you can nail both the beard styles effortlessly if you have an oval face. Some beard and mustache styles that are just right for your face are:

  • Three-Day Stubble Beard- A closely trimmed beard on the face, simulated over three days of stubble.
  • Original Stache- A properly trimmed mustache sitting above the top lip.


  1. Round Styles

For round face types, you’ve got many beard styling options. However, it is recommended that you go for an angled shave along the cheekbones as it gives a slimming effect and highlights your facial features. If you can’t decide what the right beard for your face is, here are some of the most popular styles of beard for round faces that you can choose from:

  • Van Dyke Beard- Full goatee with a separate mustache line.
  • Short Boxed Beard- Thin, neatly trimmed sides complementing the chin line.
  • Balbo Beard- Beard without sideburns and a trimmed, floating mustache.

Styling That Knows No Limitations

Choosing the right beard for your face can be a bit tricky at times, however, if you choose it right, it only adds to bringing out the best of you. Beards are supposed to make your look suave while also enhancing your style. At Vega, we offer a range of men’s grooming kits, beard trimmers, shavers, and a comprehensive collection of premium styling products that can help you level up your fashion status quo to pro.

If you are growing facial hair, you need to make sure you know what you are doing. Understanding these different beard styles will surely help you choose the right beard for your face. And now that you are equipped with the necessary information, you can get going to step up your game!