How to Clean a Hair Straightener Brush: Tips to Follow

Getting your hair styled with the best appliance is one thing and doing every bit to maintain that product is another. One such hair styling appliance that has been the talk of the town lately is the VEGA Hair Straightening Brush. 

If you want to get great results, you need to first understand how to maintain a hair straightener brush and keep it clean. Cleaning a straightening brush is a simple and straightforward job that you should perform quite often. 

Here are some cleaning tips that would help you understand how to clean straightening brush the better way.

  1. Unplug and Let It Cool

The first and foremost step after you have used the straightening brush is to let it cool. Unplug the brush and let it rest for few minutes. Though it is an obvious step to follow, people sometimes forget it and end up causing burn injuries to themselves. You may need a wet cloth afterward, thus do not forget to unplug it to avoid any risk of electrocution. The brush should always be at room temperature before you start cleaning, as this is a key thing to note while learning how to clean a hair straightener brush. 

  1. Untangle and Remove Strands

There are strands of hair that get tangled between the bristles whilst using your hair straightening brush. Using your hands, you should first take time to untangle the hair strands between the bristles and remove them until you are sure there are none left. The relevance to follow this step is extremely high as the hair stuck in the brush will cause humongous damage if you use it the next time. To help you get the strands off your brush bristles, you can also use a small comb.

  1. Wipe Your Brush

After you are done with removing the hair stuck in the brush, use a soft fiber cloth to wipe the appliance. To clean the bristles of the brush, make sure that you dampen the cloth with either water or a cleaning agent. Be gentle as you wipe through the bristles, so you do not break them. Also, make sure you are careful while cleaning it thoroughly as you wipe in between the bristles. If you always choose a cleaning agent that isn't corrosive to your brush, it will help. Use water with a disinfectant or the recommended detergent, if possible. 

  1. Dry It Thoroughly

Once you have cleaned the brush, the importance of letting it dry thoroughly stands upright. Make use of a fiber cloth as it would help the appliance get dry quickly. Make sure, every time you clean the straightening brush, you have a fully dried cloth by your side to clean-in between the bristles. 

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