Facebook Pixel How to Clean Bathing Sponges and Loofah the Right Way?

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How to Clean Bathing Sponges and Loofah the Right Way?

How to Clean Bathing Sponges and Loofah the Right Way?

Exfoliating the face to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells is counted as a normal skincare regime but often we overlook the importance of exfoliating the overall body. Just like the face and neck, the intimate body parts deserve equal care and attention and that’s where Bathing Loofah comes in! It is one of the most loved Bath Accessories for deep cleansing of the body parts. Dead skin cells and impurities can settle on any part of the body and using Loofah and Sponges help to remove the debris of accumulated dirt and dead skin.

Using Bathing Loofah to cleanse and exfoliate the skin is regarded as an important skincare ritual. However, Loofah needs to be taken care of too so that they don’t become prone to bacteria and other impurities. No matter which type of Loofah do you use, make sure to clean it at regular intervals. Through this blog, we are going to tell you how to stick to cleaning the Bath Sponges the right way. Caring for Loofah is as easy as using it to clean the body parts. Follow these quick steps after each use.

Steps To Clean Bath Sponge

Step1. Rinse the Loofah in Plain Water

If you use Loofah with foam to clean the body then make sure to rinse all the excess foam before cleaning. Depending upon the type of Loofah you use, take a container and fill it with lukewarm water to kill the germs and bacteria accumulated. Now simply rinse the sponge/Loofah in the water and wait till the foam of the soap is all gone. You can dip it for thorough cleaning and wait till the foam is gone and rinse completely with running water.

Step 2. Squeeze it Properly

After washing the sponge, squeeze it well to remove all the excess water before hanging the Loofah in a cool place for air dry. Once the water is drained out, spread the sponge on the dry surface and let it dry in open.

Step3. Let it Dry Completely before Using

The Bath sponge is not ready for use till it is not fully dry. When it comes to bacteria and germs, wet sponges are always at the risk of getting exposed. Hence after use and cleaning routine, hang it in the open to let it dry completely. It is of utmost importance to expose it to light and air.

Dos’ and Don’ts’ of Bathroom Sponges

  • To exfoliate your skin deeply while taking bath, choose the Bathroom Sponges that are soft and gentle. You can go for Natural Bath Accessories as they are made up of natural ingredients and scrub the body without causing burns or itching.
  • Don’t go beyond a specific period while using a bath sponge. Pull out a new one whenever you feel like the sponge has become weary and old. With regular use and direct contact with the skin, sponges start coming apart and accumulate dirt and bacteria. Hence keep changing them from time to time.
  • Keep the bathroom area clean and dry where you store the sponges. Also, rinse all the excess foam before keeping it away to store.
  • For basic hygiene, avoid sharing the Loofah with others. We usually rub it off on our skin to get rid of dead skin cells and if used by someone else, the dead skin cells can stick back to the person and can cause germs to spread, Hence refrain from using somebody else’s bathing tools and accessories.

And that’s your guide to keeping your Loofah and Sponges at their best!