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How to Clean Makeup Brushes & Sponges at Home?

How to Clean Makeup Brushes & Sponges at Home?

To get clear and healthy-looking skin, every beauty fanatic swears by healthy eating, following an intensive skincare routine, covering the face while going out and what not! But something that she might know or has skipped is using clean makeup brushes and blenders to keep the skin away from major skincare woes. Yes, you heard that right! If you want all your hard work and efforts in skincare regime to be worth it, you need to start cleaning your makeup brushes and blenders regularly. 

Anyone who loves wearing makeup regularly must be using these makeup tools daily. And if you use them daily, they tend to get dirty more often. And if not cleaned on time, the dirty brushes with a heap of makeup products further create a multitude of skin-related problems. And if you are someone very new to this side of makeup and probably wondering how to clean the brushes, this blog is especially dedicated to you. Following are a few easy-to-follow ways to clean your makeup brushes & sponges squeaky clean and flaunt a seamless and finished makeup look.

Basic Cleansing Routine of Makeup Brushes and Sponges At Home

Cleaning Makeup Brushes & Sponges with Soap 


Dish soap or bathing soap is a common product that can be found in any household. And to clean your at-home use makeup accessories, this soap is one of the main cleansing agents that most people prefer to use. You simply need to take a big-sized bowl filled with lukewarm water and add soap according to your cleaning requirement. Next soak the brushes partially in water and swirl them by gently rubbing the bristles. Leave the brushes in the bowl for some time till the makeup particles stuck on the hair get loose and get away from the brushes. You can now take out the brushes and rinse them with plain water. 

Cleaning Makeup Brushes & Sponges with Mild Shampoo 

One of the biggest reasons why one should clean the makeup brushes and sponges is because of hygiene factors. Brushes become a breeding ground for bacteria if they have been used for blending creamy and liquid products as their remains get piled on the bristles after getting dried. And this is why cleaning the makeup brush set becomes so much important. And for getting rid of every bit of makeup residue, you can also use mild shampoo along with a brush cleaner. The bristles of the makeup brushes and sponges are made up of natural or synthetic bristles hence you need to use mild and sulfate-free shampoo. Take the shampoo liquid in a bowl and mix some water to make a thick cleansing liquid. Now soak the brushes and Vega makeup sponge in the shampoo and with the help of a cleaning brush, you can gently scrub off the dirt. Rinse the brushes and sponges with plain water and let them dry. 

Cleaning Makeup Brushes & Sponges with Vinegar Solution 

Other than using soap and shampoo, another effective way to clean the product buildup from the brushes and sponges is with the help of a vinegar solution. Vinegar and baking soda are two main natural ingredients that can be used to clean makeup tools effectively and use them on the face just like a brand-new brush. These two are known as the best cleansing agent as they help to loosen any cakey buildup on the bristles especially on Vega foundation brush and any other dirt visible. To use vinegar for at-home cleaning of makeup brushes, you need to mix the ingredient in a bowl with lukewarm water. Next, soak the bristles of the makeup brush in the liquid and rinse the brushes with warm water, and allow the brush to get dried. 

How Often Should We Clean Makeup Brushes?


For cleaning the makeup brushes, there is no specific time. You can clean them up according to your need and urgency. If you are used to applying makeup daily then you can clean them regularly. However, if you don’t apply makeup very often, you can clean them once a week and use them only after they are fully dried. 

Cleaning makeup brushes and sponges is now easy and convenient at home by following the above tips. Make sure to clean your professional makeup brushes more often with all the care and allow them to long last than usual.