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How To Clean & Take Care Of Your Beard Trimmer

How To Clean & Take Care Of Your Beard Trimmer

When you shift from a razor blade to a beard trimmer for a better and advanced way of trimming your beard, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is its cleaning. Such a device needs a little bit care and cleaning for increasing the product life. In case you are not aware of the ways to take care of a beard trimmer for men and ignore it right after trimming, it might age faster than you think by developing bacteria and rust overtime. 

Here are the few steps that can be taken to make sure that your beard trimmer lasts long and that you can trim safe

1.    Cleaning a beard trimmer 

Cleaning your beard trimmer is a very simple task to begin with. Take a small cleaning brush and clear off any hair left on the blades. Use a multipurpose disinfectant to sanitize the blades for a hygienic use. Such sprays also help in lubricating the blades for a smoother application. In case you don’t have a disinfectant spray, go for few drops of coconut oil or argan oil, let it seep between the blades. The main reason behind this cleaning measure is to ward off bacteria which can cause skin irritation and infection. The Vega Power Series P-1 Beard Trimmer comes with stainless steel that allows no rust to settle in; probably the best trimmer that requires minimal cleaning. 

2.    Storing it 

Just the way you store your razor blade in a clean and dry area, the same way you need to store your beard trimmers and clippers in a well-ventilated space, away from moisture. Usually after application, we tend to store it in the washroom cabinet thinking its all safe in there. But the reality is, even other objects can pose a risk of bacteria to the blades when it comes in contact with it. It’s best to use a trimmer stand immediately after usage to dry excess water and then store it in your bedroom where there is little moisture for any bacteria to settle in. The Vega Men 10-in-1 Multi-Grooming Set comes with a storage case that serves the very purpose of providing it a distinct place to be store hygienically. 

3. Don’t throw away beard accessories 

Usually beard trimmer and hair clippers come with various guards, sometimes even with a complimentary cleaning brush and an oil. Such little equipment is of high usage and therefore do not toss them in the trash can. The brush helps you clean out the hair residue from the blades, hairs that otherwise clog the trimmer and hinders application. The Vega X1 Beard Trimmer also comes with a pouch that can be used for packing it while traveling. 

4.    Waterproof Beard Trimmers For The Win

Wet shavers/Water Proof Beard Trimmer are more convenient as it can function even under the shower, but this does not imply that it can be stored in a moist atmosphere. Since it absorbs so much water as well as tiny hair follicles stuck inside its head, one needs to be more careful about cleaning the blades and drying it out properly. The catch with water-resistant beard trimmers is, it might collect hairs underneath the clipper heads, and clearing it off might take more time. To make sure your beard trimmer is safe for frequent usage, rinse the foil part of your beard trimmer with hot water and use a fine bristled tooth-brush to brush away the hard-to-reach hairs stuck in there. Vega X2 beard trimmer would be a great water-resistant option for you if you’re looking for one. The self- sharpening stainless-steel blades of the trimmer are highly durable while the IPX 7 waterproof feature that allows the body of the trimmer to be fully washed. 

These little steps can help in keeping your bread trimmer stay clean and hygienic all year long. You don’t have to shift from one beard trimmer to another every time you witness a sign of failure in it.