Facebook Pixel How to Deal with Rough Hair during Winter Season?

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How to Deal with Rough Hair during Winter Season?

How to Deal with Rough Hair during Winter Season?

If you live in a place that experiences winter at its peak, then you are likely to be familiar with the toll it takes on the hair. Winter season is harsh on all hair types as the hair stops absorbing and retaining enough moisture which makes the hair fragile and brittle. Just as we stock up on all the required moisturizers, creams, and body lotion for keeping the skin hydrated, your hair needs some TLC too. 

Winters make the hair dry, prone to static, and often lead to damage and split ends. The exposure to harsh cold elements and a sudden transition from warm weather to a drop in the temperature leads to dull hair which further becomes weak and leads to hair fall. While people may worry about their hair health leading to ruined mental peace, there are a lot of remedies for taking better care of hair follicles and reviving its smoothness and softness. 

Winter Hair Care Tips for Fixing Rough Hair

Wear a Hat or Cap 

Other than using hair care products on the scalp and roots, it is also important to cover your hair during the winter months to shield it from cold air, wind, rain, and even hailstorms. This is not the time to worry about the dreaded hair because of hat but to protect it from all types of damage. Make sure to use a hat made up of soft material like silk or satin that would feel soft on the hair and doesn’t damage the strands and avoids hair from being pulled or tugged. 

Get Regular Hair Trimming 

Another easy and excellent way to maintain hair health during the winter season is to get rid of the rough hair tips via trimming. Hair growth can be steady and quick both; however what matters is to make sure to cut down the uneven hair growth that we call split ends. Hair strands that go in an irregular pattern can further damage the hair roots and make the hair look brittle and rough. If you don’t want to cut down your hair all at once then ensure trimming it in small sections using general cutting scissors once every few weeks. 

Ensure Oiling Hair before Every Wash 




When the winter season creates havoc on the hair and leaves it rough and brittle, you can easily restore the moisture by using an oil-based treatment. For the best results, you can choose coconut or mustard oil which instantly shows the result by improvising the hair’s health. Before washing your hair, ensure using hair oil on the tips to help with replenishing moisture and protecting the hair. 

Never Leave House with Wet Hair



It is a very basic thing that wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. Walking outside in cold weather with wet hair will not only make you sick but also makes the hair damaged and rough. While air drying is the best and helps with naturally soaking the moisture. It is always better to blow dry hair using a hair dryer for women than go outside with dry and properly groomed hair that also looks smooth and shiny. 

Commit to Daily Hair Care 




Just like weekly facial care is important by using face masks or cleanup, likewise, it is also important to take care of hair by managing the knots and tangles. Not using a hairbrush to massage the scalp and for detangling, the hair knots can lead to hair becoming tangled, knotted, and rough. In this condition, the more you try to experiment with your hairstyle; the greater will be the hair breakage due to tugging and pulling. The bristles of the hair brush help to massage the scalp which provides great relief and at the same time stimulates hair growth. 

Just like skin, even your hair needs protection from the cold weather so that it remains soft and nourished. Try these basic winter hair tips to keep your hair in shape and healthy.